A Happy Designer: In Conversation with Ace designe...

A Happy Designer: In Conversation with Ace designer Sussanne Khan

Ace designer Sussanne Khan opens up about her love for designing spaces in a casual conversation with Preeti Srivastav


“I can design well when I am happy. The emotion of love is the biggest inspiration behind all my designs,” says celebrated interior designer Sussanne Khan.

Khan’s love for design started at a tender age of four years, thanks to her mother, who was herself an interior designer and the family read a lot about designing. “I was a creative child, my art was good and I was exposed to designing from a very young age, hence it was natural for me to take up designing as a profession,” she shares.

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Khan completed a formal education in design from California and has carved a niche in the market with her unique design sensibility. “The best part of my profession is that I get to meet and work with people whose work I admire. My journey have been a blessed one in which I have grown as a designer and learnt a lot,” says Khan.

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Her store, The Charcoal Project, is a milestone in a career which also established her as a product designer. “The store is a result of years of perseverance and various trial and error experiments. We opened the store in February of 2011 with two designers on board and now we have a team of 35 designers working with us.” When asked what kept her from expanding the store business in other cities, she says that she would like to expand her business once she finds like-minded people to take care of her business like she does.

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Talking about her design philosophy she says, “I believe that nothing is impossible. Only if we dare to dream and work towards our goal, we can achieve anything. The key to success lies in being yourself and thus being unique.”

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People, emotion, music , travel are a few sources of inspirations for Khan, who values feedback and is observant of things and places around her. Also, a fine balance of femininity and masculinity in design is what attracts her.

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Sharing her experience of working with renowned designers John Hitchcox and Philippe Starck, Khan says, “It was an amazing experience. It felt that we have already worked before and we were very comfortable working with each other. They were full of creative energy which reflects in their work too.” Khan also draws inspiration from the works of Frank Lloyd Wright, Picasso and other stalwart artists and architects..

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When queried about her favourite project, she says that every project or product that she has designed hold a special place in her heart. “I like products with function ad I would like to bring technology into design and make designs more functional,” she adds.

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About her most challenging projects, she says that working on gradient-surface projects is most difficult but it’s most interesting at the same time. “My biggest regret is that I have not studied architecture and I am soon planning to get a degree in architecture soon,” reveals Khan.

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In her message to the budding designers she says that no design is wrong design. “Be yourself and try to make every design a part of you and emphasise on details. There is no free ride, you have to work hard to get a taste of success,” she signs off.

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