Café Mezzuna: In gradients of green

Café Mezzuna: In gradients of green

Café Mezzuna, a new Mediterranean-theme inspired restaurant in the busy suburbs of Mumbai, is buzzing with a lively green décor

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A new restaurant Café Mezzuna has come up in the busy suburbs of Andheri, Mumbai that offers dynamism and pizzazz. This bustling place offers a Mediterranean casual dining experience amidst a Mediterranean-inspired setting. Café Mezzuna is a part of a chain of restaurants under Specialty Restaurants wherein the in-house design team has drawn inspiration from the Mediterranean design elements and taken green as a dominant colour to infuse freshness and exuberance into the décor.

Material Impact

The patrons are invited to the restaurant by a large stained glass wall. The lively setting is demarcated into a bar, pod seating, casual dining tables, a book library and a private dining room. An interesting array of materials are used to deck up the décor; Belgium black vitrified tiles on the floor helps all the furniture stand out, brick pattern (SHERA board) panel treatment on the walls give this white raw feel of the Mykonos, a popular Greek isle. The exposed ceiling is the latest trend popular with most restaurants; the exposed AC ducts in the ceiling keeps the décor contemporary and convenient for maintenance.

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“Designing a restaurant space is never easy. Every element has to be in complete rhythm with the other, viz. concept, decor, food and drinks, presentation. We work as a team where concept designer, technical designers, chefs, operations, guest relations all come together and put up the brilliant piece of art,” says Succhanda Chatterjee, Head of Design, Speciality Restaurants.

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Spaces and Lights

The beautiful round pod seating are strategically placed at the corners where a group of six can engage in conversation; the PDR is a quieter place where one can read books. The bar counter has a beautiful bottled-green bar chair in dark polish and the bar apron and bar display is designed with green creepers across the space to bring the outdoors indoor.

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The lighting is balanced by the suspended decorative lights above every pod. A cluster of pendant lights in the centre illuminate the space while the bar is lit by spotlights and globe pendant lights. The bookshelf is well lit with LED in each niche. The overall light and lux level is maintained by the dimmer for each zone setting the mood of the restaurant.

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Different shades of green appear accentuated neutral palette of browns and blacks in the backdrop, giving warmth to the place and make it a cosy and comfortable lounge to unwind.

Project Details

Total Area: 3200 sq ft with 100 covers
Location: Lokhandwala – Andheri
Budget: Approx Rs 1.40 cr
Project Completion Date: Feb 2016

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    Is it just too green or just less!? hmm .. i think perfect.

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