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Nirmal Chavan of Scheme Interiors designs a chic contemporary house at Nagpur which effectively balances luxurious appeal, aesthetic and natural elements in a design

Designing a house is not just limited to defining walls and beams, but it  is also about infusing those little elements which helps in creating suitable ambience that has a direct effect on the dreams and emotions of the user. Architect Nirmal Chavan says, “That a house is a mix of many moods and one should create a design which easily blends with different personality traits of members.” Keeping in mind the client’s brief, Chavan has designed a plush contemporary bungalow in the city of Nagpur for a family comprising three members. The only brief given by Suhas Buddhe, Managing Director of a biotechnology company to Chavan was to create a design which looks clean and contemporary.


Design description of floors:

The ground floor of the three-storeyed house is largely meant for parking and a small home office in the rear. The first floor has the main hall – the living room, dining, kitchen, powder room and a guest bedroom. The living room has been designed as a square-like space with big windows which makes the room look large and airy. It has a semi-transparent veneer finished partition behind the sofa which peeps into the dining and open kitchen. The dining area is in the centre of the house and enjoys a double height and an attached open sit out balcony. It also includes an open island kitchen which is practical and robust.


The second floor is divided into two parts – master bedroom and the daughter’s bedroom with a small common area in between for a sit out which also overlooks the dining area below. The master bedroom is a linear space with a lovely open deck area. The wall paper behind the bed headboard has a warm and cosy feel, whereas the furniture is in white which brings in nice freshness to the room. A tiny book holder near the sofa provides the necessary reading material in the bedroom. However, the daughter’s bedroom is in pastels and only a play of colour on the bed headboard makes it lively for any age group.


The third floor is the most interesting space where the family spends time in the evenings. It has a multipurpose room which is used for yoga, get-togethers, watching movies and small parties. This room opens out into a lavish terrace where the party spills over. This space has small water body underneath a partial pergola, a stretch of walk-over lawn and a corner to sit with crazy shaped outdoor furniture on a raised deck floor. This seating also has backdrop of a vertical garden to cheer up the corner.


Design Strategy:

Describing about the design strategy for the project, Chavan says, “The initial house planning was not user friendly, it was a challenging task for me to do a lot of space re-arrangements to utilise the space to its maximum potentials. Even the windows to the house were tiny; we got the windows opened larger. The double height in the structure didn’t have any natural light filtering into which made the double height look very sad, hence we opened the walls from the upper balcony which brought us the natural light and the desired results.”


When asked about the highlights of the project Chavan said that, “Apart from the double height ceiling in the dining area, the use of modern square chandelier and high curtains draping down from 20 feet height on automation add to the charm of the house.”


The colour palette used by the designer has been very subtle except for a few style statements. The floor mostly has Italian marble, except for few areas which are given wooden surface. The walls and ceilings are in unitone shades of pastels, curtains are in plain coordinates with neutral roller blinds behind. The use of LED lights in coves as well as direct creates a pleasant ambience and mood lighting.

Natural Elements

A design is said to be incomplete if it fails to interact with the nature. The designer has laid equal emphasis on including natural elements to its design. For instance the use of green patch and water body in the terrace garden area gives a relaxing effect to the space, where one could have an escape and feel the cool breeze and chirping bird around and can even have a view of the sunset.  Besides, the double height structure on the upper balcony area seeps in natural light, which reduces the need of any artificial light.


The project is well balanced with natural and aesthetic elements along with effective use of space which makes its stand out visually. On the other front the designer has commendably used subtle shades of colour and dramatic lighting; be it natural or artificial gives this contemporary house a luxurious element.



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