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Kitchen has upped itself to be an important part of the house not only in terms of utility but also as a tastefully designed part of the house, reports Preeti Srivastav


Gourmet Warmer

Miele India’s new range of Gourmet Warmer Drawers not only warms the food; but also warms up the crockery to the right temperature for serving; as it features a separate heater and fan to prevent condensation forming on plates and dishes. Also these warming drawers have a soft-close mechanism, which ensures that the crockery is handled gently and food won’t spill when the drawer is closed. Other features include auto-switch off, slow cooking, sensor control and M Touch Control.

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Sinks with lid

Nirali has come up with a new product that adds to both comfort and utility, EXA kitchen sinks. The sinks come with detachable lids that cover unwashed vessels and can also double up as an extension of a kitchen platform. These lids also do not allow insects to pry around at night. Conforming to AISI 304 quality stainless steel, which is 1.2 mm thick; the EXA kitchen sink has deeper bowls and comes with satin finish to give kitchens that modern aesthetic appeal.

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Kitchens have gone beyond the fireplace and vessels. People are going for an ‘ergonomic’ kitchen – which means kitchens have become an important area in the house, which is proudly shown off and hence need to be tastefully designed. Patrons are asking for kitchens which are technologically advanced, extremely functional and easy to work in. They want to utilise the space smartly.

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With changes in the cooking pattern and availability of good hardware system, kitchen systems for most people have modularised for better functioning and comfortable cooking. People these days are opting for modern kitchens well equipped with electronic gadgets like built-in microwave ovens, coffee machines, barbeque stations, dishwashers and warming drawers. “A lot of emphasis is laid on the design aspect of the kitchen especially to walls and the floor. Hence, the trend of using graphic designed tiles, tiles with Moroccan motifs and colours teamed with neutral tones like beige and browns,” says interior designer Shantanu Garg.


Throwing light on various trends in kitchen design in India, Arun Jain, CEO, Jindal Lifestyle says, “The experience by Arttdinox states that the colour trends differ across the nation. While, western India prefers more of metallic look, southern India prefers more of vibrant colours. And north and east go for subtle colours and pastel shades. Another aspect is the size which varies according to the apartment size. Typically bigger bungalows prefer U-shape or island kitchens whereas smaller apartments prefer L-shaped or straight kitchens.”

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“People in India are exploring different kitchen styles inspired by international trends. For example, open kitchens and kitchenettes are marking their entry as one of the hottest trends when it comes to designing this space. Among other popular kitchen designs are island design, peninsula kitchen, garden kitchen and more,” adds Garg.

Interior Designer Shantanu Garg

Popular kitchen designs

  • U-Shaped Kitchen—These are preferred choice of people residing in bigger houses, where the space permits a three-sided work slab and open space for free movement in the middle.
  • L-shaped Kitchen—These are the most common kitchen design, usually seen in apartments and small houses.
  • Island kitchens—This type of kitchen has a counter usually placed in the centre of the kitchen free from all four sides. This versatile kitchen style can be used as a cook-top, chopping counter, washbowl or even as a breakfast counter.
  • Peninsula Kitchen– Peninsula kitchen is style similar to that of an island counter but attached on a smaller side to another platform or to the wall.
  • Garden kitchen—These are more prevalent when it comes to farm houses. These are kitchens overlooking plantations and fields. This style is highly preferred due to its involvement with nature.


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Garg recommends peninsula kitchen for Indian cooking keeping in mind the participation of more than one member in the kitchen and optimum space utilisation. For occasions, he suggests informal kitchen set ups like garden kitchen.

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Arttdinox offers customised kitchen solutions in various design and colour categories and. “We can provide different textures, colors, decals on our shutters making kitchens not only highly usable products but also the showcase of customer homes,” says Jain.

Innovation in Kitchen material

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The latest innovations that have recently come up are use of metals in kitchen carcasses, shutters and counters. “Stainless steel is the new one in the Indian market. It is a sturdy material, perfect for Indian kitchens and maintains the level of hygiene,” states Shantanu Garg.  And Arttdinox has exactly the thing to offer, as Jain says, “We specialise in providing textured stainless steel counter tops which is popular because of its features like—easy to clean, hygienic, stain-resistant, scratch resistant and hot food can be kept directly on it.” Pointing towards other trend in material, Jain says that the preferred material for counter tops was now corian, as against the favourite granite.

Laminates or finish

  • Wood: Wood gives an earthy feel and the horizontal grains make the space feel bigger and less cluttered. Processed and manufactured wood, plywood and veneer are extensively used in making kitchen furnishings around the world.
  • Ceramic: Materials like thin tiles helps in achieving textures liker rustic metallic finish, sand finish as well as finish of stone. One could also opt for antique finishes done over open pore veneer as it helps creating a rustic and Mediterranean style kitchen. To add drama to the kitchen use patterned mosaics textures.
  • Stones: Exotic Countertops based on semi-precious stones like Brazilian granites and shades of grey available in Quartz stones or dumortierite in countertops is something one can be generous with. Hardware is like jewellery. You need just a few top-quality pieces to add the finishing touch to your kitchen.

“Custom cabinets are a must as they allow you to create your personal environment reflecting your individuality. With custom cabinetry you create an ambience, not just a kitchen. Instead of keeping everything stationed or fixed, go with a dynamic layout that allows you to use equipment with flexibility. For instance detachable equipment or loose appliances but sectioned as per convenience. Try giving a kitchen multiple layers wherein various functions could be placed,” suggests Garg.

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Stainless steel is one of the most recyclable material, and with its stainless steel kitchen brand, Arttdinox is the most environment-friendly brand. “We have no usage of wood hence we are totally out of cutting on trees and hence saving the environment. All the ingredients used in our kitchen are food safe and emit no harmful fumes or smell,” concludes Jain.

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Whether it is a party, a meal or just another day, kitchens tend to be among the most prominent destinations in a house. It has now become the ultimate space; one that creates a seamless transition between cooking place and the family room and often stretches to the entire width of the house and serves as a perfect place to entertain guests and family.

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  1. Priyal Gaur

    For me cooking is another well therapy!
    For it’s the most relaxing thing in the world for that takes away all the existing stress.
    Cooking is the most important & undeniable fact that everybody needs for existence. I think one needs their own space where they can play around with all the ingredients & reside the whole day.
    And like you said “Kitchen has upped itself to be an important part of the house not only in terms of utility but also as a tastefully designed part of the house”. So, it needs all the attention in the world! and why not.

    • Thankyou for such inspiring words Priyal. It feels good to get positive feedback from readers like you. We will try to keep up to your hopes in future as well and bring you great content from across the world. Keep Browsing the website for more. 🙂

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