A Vibrant Oasis

Set amidst the barren desert, Samsara Resort and Campsite’s design is resplendent of bright cultural themes and glorious Rajasthani heritage


The sand dunes and the scorching heat do little to take away from the vitality of Rajasthan’s rich culture and heritage. Set amidst the barren land, Samsara Resort rests as an oasis in the heart of Jodhpur. The theme of the resort is designed and built in the style of a village settlement against the backdrop of a desert landscape. The Jodhpur-based owner Insaf Khan was keen on imbibing the traditions, design and culture of the Marwar into the resort.


Influential cultural motifs

The designers had a clear objective to reinterpret the traditional and regional aspects of Rajasthan. “The boutique resonates and reflects the royalty of Rajasthan in its red and beige stone structure. The architectural marvel blends local craft with contextual character and aesthetic sensibility,” avers Nimish Patel, Principal Architect, Abhikram Design. Despite its rustic theme, the resort is replete with creature comforts and technology.


This architecture blends local craft with contextual character to bring out the visual and luxurious strengths in traditional and innovative manner. The clusters of rooms with landscaped and hardscaped central courtyards offer interactive spaces without compromising privacies. The low-rise buildings embellished by chajjas, innovative columns and crafted openings complimented by the sand dune view and the private gardens cater to aspirations of the modern travellers. Complimenting the architecture are the interiors blending seamlessly with aesthetic sensibilities. Blended motifs and colours in floor engage the guests in all areas.


The interior design and ambience complements the architecture of the Resort. They blend seamlessly with the exterior spaces and its aesthetic sensibilities. The use of crafts and craftsmen establish a new benchmark in balancing the functional needs with creativity so as to enhance the overall experience. The decor is complemented by tasteful furniture, upholstery, floor coverings, curtains and other accessories.

Earthy designs


The campsite not too far from the resort reflects a similar sentiment. A simple and minimalistic use of distressed artifacts, jharoka style niches, vibrant hand-embroidered cushions, hand-knotted rugs and Jodhpur stone are some of the highlights for the interiors of the campsite. “Everything was sourced from in and around Jodhpur with the intent of giving back to the local artisans and craftsmen,” stresses Aparna Kakrania, CEO, Design Dimension. “Our concept translated into reality as beautifully and indigenously as imagined.”

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The scorching desert sun had to be taken into consideration while furnishing the resort; white served as a perfect base for the décor. “We refurbished the old motifs to form the inner lining of the tents and the three colours that we used are predominantly Rajasthani,” adds Kakrania.


Existing well within the realms of contemporary theme, the luxury tents at the campsite are well equipped. There is no better way to spend an evening in the mysterious desert than dining under the stars, on the dunes set amongst hundreds of flickering lanterns accompanied by musicians and dancers who echo the culture and tradition of the land.


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