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Shabnam Gupta yet again fuses the old world charm with modern elements and comfort to design a perfect home


A home is much beyond a four-walled space for living. It is a reflection of the soul of the people who reside in it. And to represent the soul through décor is an art that Shabnam Gupta excels in. In her latest project, Gupta designed home of a client who comes from a corporate world and has a taste of good things in life.


The idea was to create a contemporary looking home for a family of four. The designer aimed at bringing together the happy elements, easy maintenance and business entertainment to support a busy lifestyle. The design intent in the project was to maintain a balance between modern clean lines while warming it up splashes of colours. “We were careful to not get too many quirky or eclectic elements and yet stay away from a stereotypical design,” says Gupta.


The entire house has dessert teak leather finish stone with combination of wooden flooring. There is substantial use of veneer with brass inlay. Wallpapers have been used to create pops of colour to break the monotony of clean lines. The washrooms have a combination of tiles and natural stones, while leather has been used for cladding and trimming in the formal areas.


The designer, known for her ability to effortlessly fuse contemporary design with traditional elements, confesses that she had to be extremely conscious in this project to use traditional elements very sparingly. “We softened the areas by marrying the traditional elements with conventional artefacts. For example a modern setting of dining has brass inlay which is infused with marble table top and an unconventional hanging light with handmade paper to diffuse the lighting. The entrance foyer has a stone water body with hand painted ceiling closer towards traditional artwork. The passage is highlighted with an artist’s vision of tree of life encompassing that entire area.”


There has been a lot of emphasis on the soft furnishing of the residence. The bedroom has been softened with quirky elements like luggage shelving and moustache shelf as part of shelf area, the furnishings have pops of Indian motifs/elements to balance the modernity. The master bedroom has antique gold leafing wall as backdrop for crisp leather headboard.


The children’s room has burst of country wall paper with vintage luggage as shelving. The other bedroom has been treated with pastel shades and hand painted furniture to accentuate side tables and doors. The bright cushions and a study shelf add a sudden pop of colour to the décor. The passage is done in a modern fashion with veneer and the highlight is the suspended brass origami birds.


“We had to consciously control our instinct of wanting to add colour and typical elements and maintain a certain dignified modernity to the design. I would call it ‘chic living’ if I had to sum up the design and décor in one word,” concludes Gupta.


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