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Mukul Goyal speaks about his journey into the world of product designing and the experiences that inspire him to create exquisite art hardware for his namesake brand ‘Mukul Goyal’ and Tattva, as told to Anuja Abraham.


In a world of art that truly embodies traditionalism with a hint of contemporariness, Tattva is making its mark in art hardware.  Tattva is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘principle’ or ‘aspect of reality’. The brand Tattva, just as its root word, symbolises the essence of craft and creativity through the artist’s eye, blending functionality and art with seemingly effortless grace.

Windmill Finial - Glossy

Tattva curates a list of interesting products such as bathroom accessories, curtain hardware, home décor, handles and more. One will find a fine balance in its wide array of products with diverse styles, elegant designs and finishes and eloquent detailing.


Mukul Goyal is the brains behind the brand. He is an ardent product designer who has been designing for over a decade now. An engineering graduate from IIT Kanpur, Goyal got interested in art while studying at the institute. He took a break and took up small assignments that exposed him to NID, Ahmedabad in 1988. This was when he realised art was his true calling. After completing his studies in product designing, he briefly took up a job in Delhi where he worked on leather products. Soon after, he also started designing junk jewellery from recycled materials and selling it through small outlets in Delhi, thus expanding his loyal customer base. All through this, design was an unknown entity that he still had to absorb and explore.

Corona Wall Sconce

Soon he got a job in an Italian jewellery company; the company was mainly into passion jewellery. Here he learnt all aspects of starting and running a successful business—designing, manufacturing and marketing. By now, he was restless to get back to product designing. He decided that he had to learn more and master the art of product designing which took him to Domus Academy in Italy where he spent a little over a year learning the finer nuances of the art. This was the turning point in his life. After having learnt the crux of designing and doing business, he came back to Delhi. Shortly he started out on his own.

Bean Pull Handle

He started his own company Tattva with the intention of selling curtain hardware. In 2004-05, the products were largely home objects. While Tattva largely become a commercial line, Mukul Goyal (his namesake brand) comprises his signature line sold through gift shops. “Tattva tries to incorporate a strong connect between art, function, emotions and elemental design,” Goyal states. “I don’t analyse my designs. I cannot slot myself as traditional, contemporary; I’m a bit of everything. I do not like to say I’m promoting Indian craft but I’m not promoting solely western aesthetics either.”

Hash Toilet Paper Holder

Currently, human figures are the most popular designs selling from Tattva. The Ma Belle installation at JW Marriot Mussorie and the Flying Locomotives set up at T2 Terminal Delhi are some of the noted installations from the house of Tattva. The designs are poetic and functional in one layer. During his learning phase, he recounts works of Achille Castiglioni and Edvard Mund as his source of inspiration; even the indigenous Gond Art had an influence on his designing.

Rivet Mortise Handle

Apart from that, Tattva has manufactured exquisite curtain beams, beam handles and bath hardware for reputed clients in India and abroad. Tattva is available in eight-ten countries while the brand Mukul Goyal is available in over 30 countries internationally.


When asked about future plans for the brand, Goyal coyly states, ‘Brands are only incidental to selling products. My intention was never to build a brand but to only sell products. So we will continue selling good products.’ A humble thought indeed!

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