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Team1 Architects helps a public relation company communicate their brand and work culture through the interiors


Designing is like a signature, different for different people. And it is all the more challenging when the design has to communicate about an organisation. Hence, doing the interiors for MSL Group India, a public relation agency, was a tricky job but was successfully and smoothly carried out by the Team1 Architects.

The objective was to communicate the motto of the business while providing a stress-free work ambience to the employees. Located in the posh area of Lower Parel, Mumbai, MSL Group India, was looking at a workplace which is high on energy and soothing enough to help employees feel relaxed.


“To design an office for a client, one needs to understand their working style, their thrust and their philosophy. The client has a high creative quotient and as an interior designer for such type of project, visualising client’s needs and transforming it into the given space by keeping their culture and cost in mind was a big challenge. We examined the premises, studied the environment, structural aspects, light, ventilation, circulation, privacy, traffic and the core needs of client before we start designing. While conceptualising the theme, we need to consider the following aspects–colour, cost and capacity,” says Bharat Yamsanwar, Principal Architect, Team1 Architects.

Parish Kapse, director of Team1 and Bhavika, senior interior designer analysed the project working out the most practical and functional layout in terms of capacity and design aesthetics.


Grandeur redefined

In order to achieve the desired design that it is essential that one must thoroughly understand the culture of the client on the basis of which the concept evolves.


One of the aspects of design element in this project was to achieve the maximum grandeur of the inside space by keeping more height. The element of fall ceiling was eliminated. While achieving the height, the aspect of air conditioning and its economical use was also thought of and achieved in most practical way.


One decision led to another and the vast indoor space helped in utilisation of natural light and ventilation points like balconies. The interior design concept of having height gave an opportunity to play with the effect of light more than in a normal office décor.


Also, the effective use of company logo being communicated through the ‘mother and son’ picture gives a proper branding to the company and highlights the importance of communication and creativity of the client.

Workstation & Breakout

The cubicles were designed considering the fact that aspect of design was based on space availability and keeping in mind the requirement of privacy, communication and interaction. The cubicles are placed to achieve proper internal movement of employees. The colour combination of the cubicle has been kept vibrant taking into account the brand logo of the company. The total impact of the open office is achieved to create the company theme. On the other hand, the breakout space is strategically placed so that it can be used for informal communication with or among the staff members.


Art Element

The highlight of the project was the use of interesting and creative artefacts like bioscope, wall hanging and murals placed at various locations, which has helped to create a unique media house ambience.


For instance, the use of signage element in the corridor, gives an informative look to the walls. Thus one can easily get more information about the organisation, by simply walking through this place.


Besides, the use of masks and various cultures depicts different mood and diverse subjects related to the vast ocean of media. In short, the entire design element of the wall is enhancing its richness and is different from traditional colouring or using the wall paper.


Also the effective use of faux planters adds the natural element to the project and also helps to enhance the level of creativity in people thereby creating a stress free environment and ensuring more productivity and enjoyable work hours.


Project Details:

Project Name: MSL Group India

Location: Lower Parel

Area: Carpet area 25,000 sqft

Budget: Undisclosed

Completion Date: 75 days, in the year 2013

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