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Label Sarita Handa blends the old Indian needlework with global designs to create an art work of whole new level.NJ1A4380-1 copy


An exceptional blend of pure design, innovation, exquisite detailing and quality workmanship speaks about the label Sarita Handa. The company’s design and manufacturing arm sells to major retailers around the world. Its dedication and vision has taken it from a leading export house to a major luxury retail brand.


The line of soft goods at Sarita Handa brings back to life the old school art of Indian needlework translated into global styles of inspiration (i.e. French, Moroccan, and Portuguese). The store started in 1992 as an internationally inspired textile and linen range and has now turned into a comprehensive line of furniture and decorative accessories too.

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Located at New Delhi and Mumbai, the brand is expanding and will soon be available at Bengaluru. Apart from the designer products, their stores include textiles, bedding, cushions, bath linen, furniture, wall art, rugs and decorative accessories etc. They also display and sell furniture of designer Stephanie Odegard, carpets from Mishcat n Co. and fragrances from Amaya.

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The use of multi coloured threads that will be seen in the latest bedding collection for the first time. Colours representing autumn season have been aesthetically balanced to create beautiful patterns and embroideries on bedspreads with matching pillow shams. Newer motifs, multi coloured threads and new inspirations are part of this range of products. Maroons, reds, aubergine, green, indigo, blue, teal and purple are new addition in the existing embroidery palette of ivory, natural, grey, coral, indigo and new blue.


Talking about her source of inspiration, Sarita Handa says, “The inspiration comes from travelling around the world and discovering designs and techniques in old artefacts, textiles found in museums, library collections and little known country markets. The customers deserve the best the world has to offer and the brand strives to be there to fill this need.”


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  1. Mrinalini840

    Indian Textiles and Home Furnishings cannot be complete without mentioning the name of Sarita Handa. I personally find her products beautiful. The detailed work which is done on every single piece of them is quite commendable. Just love her and her work. Keep doing such work and keep surprising us Sarita Handa.

    • Sarita Handa is a gem. Rightly said @Mrinalini840. Thankyou for your inspiring words.
      Keep Reading 🙂

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