Cloaked in Green

MIA Design Studio makes use of local plants to create an ingenious green screen for Naman Retreat Pure Spa that facilitates ventilation and offers shade and privacy

Natural ventilation1

The plush five-star Naman Retreat in Danang, Vietnam brings the phrase ‘living amidst nature’ to life with its interpretative design and use of local flora. The hotel offers a spa facility wherein guests can unwind and relax amidst planters and green walls. The spa is designed by Vietnamese architecture firm MIA Design Studio. The central theme and highlight of the hotel is the ample greenery surrounding it. The overall spa is pristine white tinctured with hues of green through variety of plants used in the design.

local plants 1

Material matters

Different areas of the hotel seamlessly merge and connect the space. The beautiful landscape created within the spa transport the guests to another remote, secluded destination. The façade is composed of lattice-patterned frames alternating with green walls that filter the strong tropical sunlight into a pleasant play of light and shadow on the textured wall. The architectural screens are composed of various plants that are carefully handpicked and placed by the design team.

smoothly flowing

All the materials are sourced locally to curb transportation costs. The floor is made of local basalt stone while the furniture is made of natural materials such as wood, rattan, bamboo, seagrass, sea hyacinth. The façades with the latten is used not only for decoration but it also act as the place for the hanging tree; this helps in creating more open spaces while maintaining privacy.

Natural ventilation 2

Endorsing green

The ground floor consists of open spaces with relaxing platforms surrounded by serene lotus ponds and hanging gardens. There are 15 treatment rooms endowed with lush open air gardens, deep soak bathtub and cushioned daybed built for two. The visually-appealing foliage in the vicinity consists of variants of asteraceae, plumeria, bulrush, dracaena draco, velvet soldier bush, blackberry lily, varieties of quisqualis plant, golden pothos and beach morning glory among others. The ingenious use of green plant curtains provides shade, privacy and a cool environment for the guests to relax and unwind in a soothing ambience.


The plants play an essential role in the ventilation of the spa. They act as the curtains and are the prominent features of the building. To balance the abundance of greenery, the architect has softened the details with the use of white on floors and walls. Moreover, the white part of the building also acts as a screen for play of shadow and light in the evening.

Green texture wall 2

With the use of beautiful flora for natural screens and ventilation, architecture firm MIA Design Studio offer guests a refreshing experience of green oasis and luxurious wellness at the retreat.

Treatment room

Photos: Hiroyuki Oki


Project Details (In the box)

Architectural Firm: MIA Design Studio

Developer: Thanh Do Investment and Construction Cooperation

Development location: Hoa Hai Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District, Da Nang City, Vietnam

Total floor area: 2,250 sq. m.

Commission date: February 2015

Principal Architect: Nguyen Hoang Manh

Conceptual Design: Nguyen Hoang Manh, Nguyen Quoc Long

Technical Design: Bui Hoang Bao

Interior Design: Steven Baeteman, Truong Trong Dat, Le Ho Ngoc Thao

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  1. Raghav

    I want to visit this spa NOW!
    This looks wonderful.. Great design and concept into building this space. Nice job Mr. Designer and the team! 😀

    • Thank you @Raghav for such kind words.
      Keep reading 🙂

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