Charm of Minimalism

Charm of Minimalism

Architect Anjali Rawat practises restraint in colour and material palette to design a lavish guesthouse in Mumbai.

Anjali rawat

When a space is a manifestation of colours, materials and soothing touch, it takes a designer with a passion for detailing to create a stunning home with subtle infusions of luxury. Architect Anjali Rawat designed an elegant 3,000 sq. ft. guest house, situated in Chembur, one of the Mumbai suburbs. Rawat designed a stylish yet comfortable home, exuding a pared down luxury and soothing ambiance. The design exhibits a kindred relation between colours, figures and qualities through coordination of material texture, furniture, and lighting fixtures and daylighting. The emphasis was laid on creating an interior and exterior environment that is communicative and integrated into the existing surrounding and yet it provides a degree of privacy to the inhabitants.


Detailing through materials

The exposed brickwork, which also appears as a backdrop mural, gives the space rustic look. “It doesn’t matter if you decide to create a bedroom, bathroom or living room. Any area will look marvellous with this exposed brick walls,” shares Rawat.


The overall design of the house is devoid of any particular theme but the house is eclectic and free flowing. There are several unique features and unusual material palette that are highlights of this place. Everything from furniture to sculptures, paintings and door accessories have been customised and/or handpicked by the architect and tastefully incorporated in the decor.


The material palette includes rough granite used to cover the external dead wall, the exposed brick used in the dining and staircase area. Black mirror is used in kitchen overhead shutters and home theatre for TV back panel wall whereas polished brown Armani adorns the dining area.


Minimalist Highlights

The challenge was to seek to create a cosy home with an emphasis on clean lines and array of materials with minimum decoration which will put more emphasis on accenting the comfort and spaciousness of the space.


There has been a process in the external wall elevation in which the same material was used in three different textures to create a feature wall which is the main highlight of the project. This was also Rawat’s favourite part in the overall project. Polished granite, river washed granite and leather finished granite textures with variation in sizes were introduced in the palette. The whole design came out very beautifully and the bracket lights acted as the extra element highlighting the whole.


Project Details

Area: 3000 sq. ft.
Location: Chembur, Mumbai
Project Duration: 15 months
Principal Architect: Anjali Rawat
Design team: Sayali S. Dhamankar, Dhwani Thanawala
Photo courtesy: Subhash Patil Photography


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