A Dose of Creativity

A Dose of Creativity

ANA Design injects colour, geometry and creativity to create a smart and vibrant workspace for a pharmaceutical company in Mumbai

Ankura Ankit Patel

A well-established pharmaceutical company brought in ANA Designs to design their new office in Andheri, Mumbai. The principal designers Ankura and Ankit Patel drew elements from the company logo and work culture to create a clean, youthful and vibrant layout.  The client’s brief was simple: to infuse maximum creativity into the workspace. The aim was to maintain the corporate culture in the fresh realms of design.

The theme primarily revolves around geometry; the space has inclusions of triangulated work spaces and triangular shapes resurfacing on walls and carpets.  The concept of triangles has been picked from the company logo and is spread across the entire office via films, motifs, carpet pattern, column and ceiling panelling.


Collaborative workspaces

The connectivity within the office has been continued via space frames; it has been deliberately introduced to maintain a rhythm of warm light into the collaborative space keeping the scope of future expansion. The open plan layout ensures fluidity and transparency for easier movement and better communication. The designers have also adhered to Vastu while planning and conceptualising the office.

The layout is not restricted with any rigid lines instead the choice of materials and neutral colour palette give it a very corporate edge. The interiors of the board rooms and the high-end cabins are done up in wood, handmade tiles to exude warmth. The walls display bespoke paintings that showcase an fusion of Indian and English cultures as London is where the company’s head office is situated.


Deciding on the seating arrangement, the client wanted to deviate away from the traditional linear seating arrangement. Keeping that in mind, the design team opted for designer furniture to create a flexible and practical 120 degree workstation module which would enable a more collaborative work environment.

The lighting was also optimised to suit the working conditions. LED lighting is used all the way in the workspace. Decorative lightings are inserted in certain spaces to add to the aesthetics in the space frames. The overall layout has been planned in such a way that natural light is maximally utilized.

“The collaborative space with the lighting frame I believe is the most interesting space in the office design. It not only acts as a connection between the office zones but also a spill out point for the staff to come and meet for a discussion,” states Ankura Patel, Principal Designer, ANA Design.


Schemes and colours

The choice of materials, keeping the office aesthetics, is very minimalist and sophisticated. The wood brings warmth to the space, the carpets offer acoustics in workstation area, the marbles exude richness and plush feel of the space, the use of handmade tiles and stones add a hint of the rusticity.

The vibrancy is infused in the office space through small burst of colours. The liveliness in the work areas is interspersed with hues of purple, magenta, greens into the workstation and break out zones along with interesting designer furniture and lighting designs. The base colour purple is picked from the logo, the colour green is infused into the workstations and breakout spaces to energise and introduce freshness in the space, the magentas bring vibrancy while the greys act as the neutral balance. The acoustic panels and green planters that line the passage offer a functional and aesthetic element to the overall design.


The intermingling design forms, straight lines and geometrical shapes, cohesive colour palette and open plan layout along with green planters create a fresh and vibrant office design that creates a relaxing work culture



Project Name: AMCO Office, Andheri
Client: AMCO

Principal Designers: Ankura and Ankit Patel

Total Area: 24,000 sq ft carpet area

Budget: Rs 5.5 crore


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  1. Mrinalini840

    Such a pretty office this is. This makes me want to work here. Haha!

  2. koyalsite

    @mrinalini – copy that. I too want to work in such a pretty office. It would be fun i guess 😛

    • @mrinalini840 @koyalsite that’s nice to know. We believe too that it would be fun working in this office 🙂

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