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MeatLiquor SINgapore, designed by SHED, is an explosion of lights and colours and the décor is an eclectic fusion of maritime reference and local cultural influences 

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When the founders of MEATliquor, Scott Collins and Yianni Papoutis expanded their brand’s presence outside the UK, London-based design studio SHED infused energy-filled detailing with meaty undertones to create a quirky outpost in the heart of Duxton village in Singapore. The 100-seater restaurant, designed on the lines of the Brighton counterpart, is already becoming increasing popular for its street food and loud and fancy décor.


The eccentric finishes and colourful setting is repetitive of the original MeatLiquor flagship restobar at the UK. The designs are adapted and modified to draw the cultural influences of Singapore. Realising the duo’s fascination for bold interiors, the interiors of MEATliquor SINgapore is theatrical and animated. SHED draws reference from the maritime heritage and culture of the local area. Set across four shop houses, the exterior spills a red seedy glow whilst the inner dining spaces display the mind-washing lyrics of drunken sailors and flirty sea-maidens scribbled across the ceiling, floor and walls. The restobar houses a map room with a slight red glare of the abattoir curtains.


Flashy lights

Lighting plays a very important part in the design scheme; the red glow is now synonymous with the MeatLiquor sites and the designers find that the strong, coloured lighting helps in creating the out-of-this-world experience that is unique to this place. For Singapore, Collins and Papoutis wanted to create a more playful look and feel which is why hues of pink, yellow and blue were incorporated throughout the decor.


Exaggerated setting

The turnaround time for completing the entire Singapore project was roughly six months. The seating arrangement follows the format of other sites with long bench like seating down the middle with personalised booths at the perimeter. This allows for a differing pace to be set across the venue leaving more hidden seating areas to be discovered. With a notable example of the booths around the perimeter sets the scene for a ramshackle sea scape with a private ‘captains’ room at the rear of the restaurant, walls plastered in posters and maps reference to Meats signature design.


The designers worked hands-on to create a unique décor complete with a lot of details, layers, materials resulting in a very interesting décor to be conceptualised. The overall décor is a mashup of the UK counterpart and a rocky voyage on the seas with psychedelic undercurrents that will leave the patrons high on design.



Text: Anuja Abraham

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