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The Rug Republic, founded by Aditya Gupta, is a haven for rug lovers to browse over their expansive collection of high quality handmade rugs


The Rug Republic has set up a new studio in Noida to showcase their vast collection of over 600 high-quality handmade carpets, poufs, cushions and bath rugs in trendy themes, styles and categories across different price levels. Spread across 4000 sq. ft. and (two-three) floors, the showroom has been aesthetically designed by Ar. Amit Gupta to offer an optimal viewing and browsing of the products for the customers.

The Rug Republic, a brand set up by Studio Sharda, is all about handmade rugs that are economically sourced. With over three decades of manufacturing and international experience, Studio Sharda has been serving reputed importers, retailers, catalogs, designers and various high-street fashion-brands in over 80 countries worldwide. The brand, while conscious of the production quality, also strives to be eco-friendly and socially responsible. The company uses recycled raw materials to create their handcrafted rugs.


Inspired Rugs

The TRR collection is a comprehensive catalog of Studio Sharda’s choicest products ranging from hand-tufted and handwoven rugs, recycled items, leather rugs, bath rugs and Chenilles, and home décor accessories like poufs and cushions. These products are manufactured from best quality materials including wool, leather, natural fibres etc.


The brand seeks inspiration from people, countries and culture for its unique collections. A variety of their designs are inspired by industries which depict a combination of rustic and industrial European look. They also have an exclusive range which is inspired by geometric designs, and is skillfully blended with leather and timber to create eye-catching contrasts. “We find inspiration in Scandinavian simplicity and elegance. Contrary to simplistic designs that our range portrays, we invest in vibrant and exotic visuals inspired by the Orient and indulge in a visual storytelling of romance, memories and elegance. We also have an adventurous line crafted from leather and exotic hides for a plush and rich feel,” elaborates Aditya Gupta, Founder of The Rug Republic (Studio Sharda). “We find a colourful expression inspired by the vivid splashes of colors – eclectic and electric. Our inspiration comes also from the immediate environment and a responsibility towards it and can be seen in our collection where a variety of post primary used materials have been re-incarnated. Our collection is also inspired by marquees of quintessential Italian style offering a style statement that is a class apart.”


The brand has unveiled eight new collections at their new store: Industrie, Native, Nordia, Re. Inc, Ankara, Aviator, Bohemia and Milano

Brand Expansion

With immense customization opportunities, the brand is going places. Recently the brand has opened another store in Kirti Nagar, Delhi which is 3-storied and spread over a sprawling 1,200 sq feet. TRR has expanded to the overseas market with the launch of their Paris showroom in September 2013. On being asked about his plans for the Indian market, “Our aim is to effectively come with a complete marketing strategy resulting to take the brand national with sales of about Rs 500 crore through approx. 50 stores, e-commerce and wholesale business. Projects and business to business will be an important part too. We aim to expand by a “hub and spoke” model within Delhi, by creating smaller stores in prominent malls which will help the market to touch and feel the product and the clients can visit the main stores to buy,” signs off Gupta.



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