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Vivek Kharia of Designtude Studio designs a stylishly comfortable office for Urban Ladder, a design synonymous to the brand’s image

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The newly designed office of Urban Ladder is an example of the finest blend of necessary elements where each element complements each other to make a cool and comfortable work zone. Designed by Vivek Kharia, Director, Designtude Studio, the office oozes warmth and positivity at the same time making it a glamourous and energised experience for the employees.

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“Our concept and core idea for their Bengaluru office was to transform a space using well-designed furniture. I call it furnitecture – micro architecture using furniture. Here we have used the modern, fashionable, trending furniture designs of Urban Ladder to transform spaces,” states Kharia, adding, “The client brief was clear in terms of using their furniture and creating an interesting workspace for the young workforce which showcases stylish urban living.”

While pastel and neutral colour shades dominate the interiors, splashes of vibrant colours have been used to break the monotony and add a zing to the walls. Neutral colours also avoid clash with furniture and do not overpower other elements.

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Talking about the flooring and walls, he says, “The flooring materials include nylon carpet, laminated wooden flooring for collaborative workspaces, vinyl sports flooring for gym and vitrified tile for café and sports area. Wall is primarily emulsion painted gypsum partition. Glass doors for meeting rooms are named after designers and the same is represented on it with coloured film.”

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Maximising space

To create diverse settings for home and living, Kharia and his team chose from a wide range of modern, curated furniture designs from Urban Ladder. While the workstations are planned radially thus forming neighbourhoods. The clustering of the workstation is perpendicular to each other to maximize space efficiency.  Also, the corner pockets in the radial pattern have been used to create display wall and seating area along the window.  Swing chairs, from Urban Ladder catalogue, help bring diversity in office and is ‘cool’ thing for a start-up.

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When quizzed about the impact of the office design on performance of the employees, Kharia says, “Urban Ladder is all about good design. With diverse home settings and interesting use of space, we believe the office interior has its own unique story that helps connect strongly with its users. Great designers and their works have been brought forth via graphics. It is sure to boost employee performance.”

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The use of planters can be spotted in select spaces of the interiors. Talking about the intent behind use of planters indoors, he says that the idea was to create various home settings and therefore planters have been used to create the outdoor/balcony niches.

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Right from concept to completion, the project is revolving around the phrase–Furniture is the new fashion in office—which best describes the brand’s motto.

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Project Name and Location: Urban Ladder, Bengaluru
Project Head: Vivek Kharia
Design Team: Vivek Kharia, Rishi Mohanty, Charithra C
Area: 42,000 SFT
Budget: Confidential
Completed in: 2015


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