A Royal Affair

A Royal Affair

The Big Door, designed by KNS Architects, displays an enigmatic decor best suited for its exquisite collection

Kanhai Gandhi

This is a store unlike any other. Majestic in size and scale, the store follows the theme of Indian royalty. Designed in an expansive area of 4,200 sq ft, Mumbai-based KNS Designs elucidates the theme through an impeccable detailing in design. The Big Door is an outlet for high-end jewellery, luxurious collectibles and period style furniture. The store is nothing less than a heritage space cocooned in a contemporary setting.

The majestic entrance

True to its name, the entry to the store is marked by its grand doors that are fit for a castle. The brilliant green door adorned with iron doorknockers leaves the onlookers spellbound. The door serves as a key element in tying the theme of the space together. An enormous periodic panel with traditional rectangular framework marks the entry. The unfinished texture of the door set against a minimalistic façade finished in wood creates an interesting contrast.


The interior draws a parallel to its majestic entrance with its eclectic mix of the unfinished charm and finished elements. A minimalistic island finished in turquoise back-painted glass was created to highlight the jewellery display. The remaining walls follow a minimalism tone while the artefacts in the surrounding area are set against unfinished walls.


A regal touch

The VIP Lounge is laid against a chrome yellow Jaisalmer stone backdrop. A patterned mirrored ceiling has been used to induce movement to the otherwise static space. Another section of the store is overwhelmed with a saturated shade of red. The floating staircase against the vibrant unfinished red wall is adding depth and richness to the space and setting the theme that would continue on the second level of the store. The staircase has a water body underneath while a beautifully carved bull rests at the centre of the water body which gets highlighted by an intricate ornate chandelier above.


The highlighters

The lighting plays a key role in the defining and highlighting key areas of the store. The accent lighting illuminates the artefacts and other focal points of the room, while the alternating effect of the spot lighting and dimmers create the right mood for buyers to focus on the purchase in a soothing ambience. The space has been adequately lit with task lighting to lay special emphasis on products.


The bold colour scheme, the tasteful lighting and minimalistic design creates a resplendent effect on the overall store design. The design team has taken an effort to define and string together the varied elements to exude a regal elegance that create the perfect setting for the exquisite collection on display.

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