Minimalism at Its Grandest

Minimalism at Its Grandest

DSP Design creates a simple yet elegant space for Mercedes Benz Research and Development India (MBRDI) Centre in Bengaluru


Mercedes Benz likes to keep it simple and classy; it is no surprise that the Mercedes Benz Research and Development India (MBRDI) Centre in Bengaluru hiked up the same trail. When DSP Design were briefed on making use of ample functional spaces to keep it utile and scalable, they followed the classic adage ‘form follows function’ in their floor layouts and design to create an elegant office for the German brand.


Colour code with a twist

Mercedes Benz symbolises class and luxury. Hence, the colour palate to suit their brand image had to be chosen very carefully to form a conservative spectrum. However, in order to avoid a monotonous décor, colour was injected into the space very subtly and smartly throughout the entire office without disturbing the corporate identity of MBRDI.


A large double-heighted reception space on the ground floor welcomes one into the building. The main reception has an interactive display area designated for parking the latest model of Mercedes Benz, which visitors and employees are allowed to experience by feeling the product. In addition to this, a large audio-video wall is set up behind the reception for effective brand communication through the visual medium.


Uber utility

Office areas have been planned on the upper floors—from first to sixth floor. The L-shaped workstations, with a touch of vibrancy brought with accent pedestals and panels, provide very comfortable and functional personal workspace for employees.


The first floor accommodates the HR office area and the training rooms. Three training rooms, with seating capacity of approximately 30 each, have been planned with folding partitions in between. The folding partitions, when retracted, turns into a space that can accommodate 100 individuals at a time. The floor also has a wellness centre and the supporting labs.

Following a minimalist theme, one wing of the sixth floor is a dedicated corporate wing which comprises corporate lounge, corporate meeting rooms, MD’s cabin, boardroom and supporting office space.


No disturbance zone

When entered from the lift lobby, each floor opens up to a large business lounge with meeting rooms around it. The idea was to have meeting rooms in non-workstation area so as to avoid disturbance to employees at their workstations.

Large Meeting Room

The workstations are aligned in such a way that the entire office can be accessed with the primary aisles instead of secondary aisles that cross through the workstations. The workspace has been completely planned along the glazed areas to maximise natural daylight penetration, promoting a healthier work environment. The built masses are planned in the centre of the floor.

Meeting Rooms

Functional spaces

Large work cafes have been planned on every floor which serves as break out and collaborative spaces, giving the users opportunity to strike a conversation, exchange ideas and facilitate informal flow of information. The cafeteria also displays a lot of play in shape and form with baffle ceiling and hexagonal acoustic panels used sparingly below it. It takes care of the acoustics requirements of the cafeteria when used as a town hall. The columns are used as pin-ups with printed fabric cladding which also helps in the acoustics of the space.

Collaboration Area

There is a 725 seating capacity cafeteria on ground floor which also doubles up as a town hall for large gatherings. Booth seating around the glazing with pendant light fixtures serve as an ideal lounging and eating space. These also serve as touchdown seats for meeting visitors during non-meal hours. The dining area has a mix of regular dining seats and bar like high seating offer the space an informal and trendy ambience.

Collaboration Area D

Linearity in design

The colour scheme of the reception is inspired from the brand’s corporate colours. On the office floors, the accent colours were introduced through carpets in the passages, pin-up boards, fabric panels on the panels with matching pedestal units to inject vibrancy in a neutral décor. The collaborative areas are done up in striking colours such as orange, yellow, green etc to add a zing.

Chairman's Cabin

Everything used in this entire facility has a special purpose of its own. The accent acoustical panels placed strategically along the passage walls take care of the reverberations in the high traffic areas by absorbing the sound. Additionally, the striking colour themes add to the vibrancy of the workplace.

Video Conference Room

What adds an element of surprise to the project is the fact that it was completed in a stringent time frame. Overcoming the time challenge, DSP completed the massive project including sketching on design board to the final unveil in nine-month time. The project shows no sign of compromise citing time as a reason. Hence, DSP have not only successfully lived up to it but also created a prize exhibit for the renowned German brand.

Training Rooms



Project Name: Mercedes Benz Research and Development India
Location: Embassy Crest, Whitefield, Bengaluru.
Client: Mercedes Benz
Total Area: 266,000 sq ft

Budget:  Rs 50 crores
Completion Date: January 2015

Project Team Lead: Ar. Attaullah Shariff, Team Lead – Corporate Real Estate

Project Director in-charge: Ar. Bimal Desai, Director – DSP Design Associates Pvt. Ltd.

Account Head Mercedes Benz: Ar. Payal Sandhu Khurana, Vice President – Corporate Real Estate

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