Rustic Elegance

Design elements like the countryside charm of a dhaba and the elegance of a luxury restaurant are brought together by Studio Osmosis at Punchin Restaurant at Hotel Citrus


A pepped-up ambience can make a dining experience all the more special and memorable. The décor by Studio Osmosis at the Punchin Restaurant ensures that the visit to the restaurant is etched in your memory for a long time, as it brings the flamboyance of the countryside culture and the comfort of the city lifestyle under one roof.


Punchin Resturant, a part of Hotel Citrus in Pimpri has all the elements to make the guests feel relaxed and pampered. The name ‘Punchin’ is coined by synthesis of two cuisines—‘Punjabi’ and ‘Chinese’. Hence, the cuisine and the décor of the restaurant have been fused accordingly to complement the concept. The fusion of both their cultures are reflected in the interiors of restaurant, with the use of ‘Chinese-inspired’ placemats, multi-coloured decoratives, steel and heavy glass crockery and cutlery and use of colourful bucket and tumbler as décor elements. The blast of colours and details on the tabletops complements the table accessories and interesting method of food presentation.


Design Approach

The overall look of the restaurant is based on kitsch-industrial approach. The quirkiness of the place is expressed through an  open brick wall, yellow diagonally painted lines on the floor, nude bulbs hanging over the bar and a cluster of empty beer bottles for a chandelier. The brightly painted corrugated metal sheets wrapping the bar counter, an open kitchen and Teppanyaki counter lend a fun and casual feel to the space. The décor is a tasteful assimilation of seating in an incoherent surrounding and explosion of colours tying up together to create a comfortable ambience.



Material Palette

The chequered clear glass and ‘tattooed’ glass panes create a peek-a-boo effect with colourful interiors while one walks through the hotel lobby towards the restaurant. The exterior of the restaurant has an industrial appearance with its multiple clear and wired glass panes. The cynosure is a Royal Enfield bike that stands stylishly at the entrance of the restaurant. Nostalgia also reigns high as the epoxy IPS flooring has ‘hopscotch’ painted on it.


Also the theme of best-out-of-waste can be underlined through the reuse of empty bottles, old wood, chain-link fence, corrugated sheets, old window frames, ladders and much more. This reflects in the seating of the restaurant which appear rustic and worn out. The furniture has been crafted out with different coats of paints, scraping with metal wires, varnish and leaving them ununiformed and varied. While the walls are bare brick walls, the ceiling is a suspended mix of metal chain-link fence and corrugated sheets having a two-tone finish.


Lighting Versatility

Taking into consideration the versatility of the place, the lightings were distinctively done with dimmers and focal lights highlighted certain spaces. The bar counter has ladders suspended from the ceiling with naked filament bulbs at various levels; while the semi enclosed private dining spaces have chandeliers made out of empty beer bottles.


In a nut shell, the restaurant makes for a good example of a place with a unique ambience created skilfully by using simple and re-usable décor elements to redefine a dhaba-styled setting.



Project Name:  Punchin, Citrus Hotel Pune

Project Head: Sameer Balvally, Shilpa Jain Balvally

Area: 2,000 sq ft

Budget: Approx. Rs 60-75 lakhs

Completion Date: July 2014

Duration: 4 months


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  1. Shravika

    I recently had a chance to visit this place while my stay in Pune and i must say it looks even more beautiful in real than in pictures. Great place to dine in and have a great time with friends or family.

    • We absolutely agree with you Ms. Shravika. This place is a beauty. Also, it has such a unique concept. Thank you for your valuable feedback. 🙂

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