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The Purple Ink Studio designs a contemporary and classic sky villa for Dubai-based homeowners in the heart of Bengaluru.



The Purple Ink Studio designed a second home for Dubai based owners in the heart of Bengaluru. Called the ‘King’s House’ the project is designed to intepret new levels of luxury in the city. The design challenge was to capitalise on the potential of the 30,000 sq ft site without compomising on the existing green cover and minimising the ecological footprint of the structure.


Playing on the Sky Villas concept, two blocks were planned to house one apartment on each side per floor that would emerge sunken gardens and blend into peripheral greens. Each block was articulated using the existing vegetation as a stencil and building was thus carved out. To compensate on the loss of  lower vegetation from the site during the construction, every floor plate extends into greens and balconies generating great diversity within the site context.

 Kings House (4)

Bioclimatic Design

An integrated design approach was followed to evaluate and maximise the energy reductions of the building. Solar studies and simulations were used to generate data regarding daylighting, shadow analysis, rainfall pattern and shading systems. To optimise the cooling effect, the building mass and window openings were shaped and sized to best capture the breezes based on Computer Generated simulations. The vertical shading devices, combined with horizontals cuts off harsh rays of the sun, functions as a rain protector and also as a visual barrier sideways.


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The building thus functions as a selective environmental filter, enhancing the best components of the regional climate to address heating, cooling and ventilation needs of the structure.

Spatial Design

Kings House Duplex-Purple Ink-5118

The project houses seven sky residences (read apartments) with areas ranging from 10,000 to 20,000 sq. ft. individually and each of which is crafted to suit the client’s lifestyles. The design expressed here is spread over an area of 20,000 sq. ft. layered in two floors.

Kings House (7)Kings House Duplex-Purple Ink-5191

The two floors are functioned for different purposes and are connected internally through a private elevator. The lower floor is designed as a social space consisting of entertainment zones and the upper floor is treated as a personal family space. The overall concept for the home on both the levels is a fresh and contemporary design approach.

Kings House (13)

The entrance lobby at the lower floor has a seating that is continuous and fluidly designed. The lobby has a pebbled sculpture court displacing two stunning peacock sculptures that hold the entire design experience together. The common lobby is visually buffered with dynamically designed vertical fins that hold the master kitchen and the family dining area on the other side. The space follows the design language from the entrance lobby and houses a monolithic surface becoming the island kitchen counter and the dining table. The living is also connected to the 14-seater dining area with fabrics and light fixtures that add colour and the dynamically design bar counter and wine cellar with a LCD projection on the wall that can be enjoyed from all the living and the lounging areas. This floor also has one of the master bedrooms with its connected dresser, bathroom and private entertainment space.

Kings House (9)Kings House Duplex-Purple Ink-5033

The upper floor is welcomed by an 8 ft high wooden eagle sculpture from the owners collection displayed at the entrance connected with a waiting lobby. The entrance on one side connects with the rest of home and with the personal library/study on the other. The library is designed with dark wood in fluted patterns as wall paneling that flow down to form the working desk.  The entrance further connects with the family dining area opening into the home theatre consisting a 10 ft wide projection screen connected with the personal gymnasium. This level has the second master bedroom and two guest bedrooms each of them connected with individual walk-in dressers and bathroom areas. One of the guest bedrooms is designed as an urban studio with exposed concrete finishes and rugged light fixtures with colours from the fabrics and rugs. The other rooms are designed with interesting wall coverings, wooden wall panels and rugs adding a new dimension to the space.

Kings House Duplex-Purple Ink-4996

Photos: Shamanth J Patil (Rays & Greys)

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  1. Akshay

    I want to hire The Purple Ink Studio for renovation of my villa. Can you please provide their contact details.

    • Sorry Akshay, But we do not have the details of the studio. Although you must find it on the internet somewhere or on their website. 🙂

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