Truss me, it’s bamboo!

Truss me, it’s bamboo!

Sandeep Sangaru of Sangaru Design Studio talks about his bamboo furniture collection and his other interests, finds out Nisha Shukla

Sandeep Sangaroo

Multidisciplinary designer Sandeep Sangaru’s passion for design was a latent one. It was while pursuing his post-graduation in Industrial Designing from the National Institute of Design (NID) Ahmedabad; Sangaru discovered the infinite possibilities and opportunity the field had to offer, which helped him to find himself. Despite of having a background in Mechanical Engineering, the practice of furniture designing came naturally to him and it has also helped to establish himself in different roles such as the maker, an explorer and the doer. His growing interest in furniture designing not only widened his imagination in different areas of design, but also saw the inception of his studio – Sangaru Design Objects Pvt. Ltd, which has been actively involved with the craft sector, working with local people and local materials to create global products. One of his projects include the Truss-me bamboo range of furniture, which has won him the Red Dot Design award – Best of the Best 2009.

SDO-RMW-Wing Sofa_Charlotte S_02

Design Inspiration

The design of his inaugural project ‘Truss me’ saw a blend of craft with design and technology. When asked about his source of inspiration behind his designs, Sangaru said, “I draw inspiration from everywhere, right from experiences to people, from nature to materials, tools, techniques and traditions.”  On the design front he seeks inspiration from the works of designers like Charles and Ray Eames, Hans J Wegner, George Nakashima and Gajanan Upadhyay. He has a strong inclination towards reading series of art book since his childhood and also had a lot of fascination for abstract modern art. Besides, his other interest apart from work includes travelling to places and bike riding.


‘Truss Me’ Project

Sangaru’s inaugural project Truss-me bamboo range of furniture has not only made waves in India but internationally too.  His interest in the project started to grow while he was training the artisans in Tripura and was fascinated by the way the locals used bamboo in their daily life. By observing the artisan’s art of using local machete to transform the bamboo into finely crafted utilitarian objects and learning more about the material, inspired him as a designer to add value into the craft which resulted in inception of ‘Truss Me’ range of furniture.

SDO-TM-Emu-High Stool_033

Exposure to Filmmaking

While studying at NID, Sangaru wanted to explore all the possible areas of design, which also exposed him to filmmaking.  Teaming up with a group of close friends with common love for entertainment and movies, Sangaru and his friends started a company which was into special effects, production design, and equipment design for filmmaking.

SDO-TM-Work horse_04

Describing about his interest in Filmmaking, Sangaru said, “I had keen interest in photography so I got naturally inclined towards cinematography and picked up basics of filmmaking while I was working in the film industry. When I started my own design studio and started to work in the area of crafts I also wanted to capture the crafts and ways of life and make documentaries out of these experiences.  I hope to bring back the filmmaking bug in me soon and make some documentaries.”


Sangaru looks forward to explore traditional pottery, handloom textiles and more wood based crafts. Predicting about future of design industry in India, Sangaru said, “The design industry is still very young and new and with the world becoming smaller every day we need to find our strength as a design community. Most of the time we look up to western ways of design and ignore what can be done with the skills and resources we have at our disposal.”

SDO-CP-TWL-Flame back-Chair_01

SDO-TM-Wings Ottoman Yellow_02

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  1. Chahat Lawania

    Just finished reading this article. I must say it is a lot inspiring. I have started working with bamboo crafts recently and works like these are a goal setter.
    The article could have been better had there been the contact details of the designer.

    • Thank you for your kind words and suggestion Chahat. We will definitely keep this in mind and will try to give out the maximum details possible.

  2. Shreya

    Inspiring work by Sandeep Sangaru. Lot to be learned from him as I am looking for such projects.

    • Yes. Mr. Sandeep Sangaru is an inspirational person. Thank you for your kind words Ms. Shreya. 🙂

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