Weathered Façade

Weathered Façade

Sanjay Puri Architects creates a stunning office with rustic- orange Corten steel façade for a property developer client in Surat



The 4905 sq ft expansive office space encased in weathering steel creates a stunning effect for passer-bys. Designed to stand a prominent landmark for a property developer client, the building rests at the busy intersection of a street in Surat. The single level office building showcases a stunning sculptural presence from afar. The overlapped curvilinear volumes orient each of the internal spaces towards the north in response to the location of the site while creating a semi-enclosed north facing courtyard between the office spaces.


Responsive to Site

The walls are angled and projected to shield from the east and west sun and reducing heat gain, thereby regulating indoor temperatures by gaining light only from the north side.


The site is located in a city where temperatures soar to the excess of 35°C for almost eight months of the year and the sun is always on the southern side. The north facing courtyard infuses the inner spaces with indirect light with vertical north facing incisions for the internal spaces thus reducing the heat gain substantially. A curvilinear path along the courtyard links the office spaces while seamlessly integrating the internal circulation with a shallow pool of water within the courtyard.


The office is built entirely in a steel frame structure with a metal roof and steel sheets forming the external walls. Each fin is clad with weathered Corten steel giving the building a distinct rusted orange colour. The cladding material gives a rustic, aged look to the building adding to the sculptural built form.


Floor Layout

The visitors and staff enter the reception area at one end of the office which further diversifies into the office space, director’s room, kitchen area and dining area. While the office spaces are small in response to the client’s brief, the open courtyard around which the main circulation moves allows the internal volumes to be perceived as larger, and simultaneously opens the internal spaces to the exterior. The director’s office and dining space are positioned on either side of a turfed courtyard that slices into the curving rear facade. This south-facing outdoor space is protected by the building’s high walls and can be accessed from the central corridor.


The overall project was completed in a short span of three months.



Photos: Sanjay Puri Architects

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  1. Rahul

    In love with Sanjay Puri Architects work. Really amazing.

    • Thank you Rahul for your kind words. Keep browsing our blog for more amazing works happening around the globe. 🙂

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