Infusions of Ethnicity

Infusions of Ethnicity

The Courtyard House, designed by Dipen Gada and Associates, optimises daylight and amplifies natural textures imitating ancestral homes and imbibing it into a contemporary setting

Dipen Gada

When the clients, based in Bharuch, Gujarat, requested a Vastu-compliment and well-ventilated home that would be sufficient to hold a large family and also entertain frequent guests, Ar. Dipen Gada and his team entered the picture.

This 10,680 sq. ft. home embraces the principles of Vastu. The house is done in indigenous Kota stone and earthy colours and maintains a neutral palette. The walls are deliberately kept exposed in varied textures, imprinted on RCC walls at few places. The interesting use of colourful fabric and art enliven the space.

Central courtyard

The entry into the house unfolds into an enormous central court with multi-coloured Kota sprawling across the floor. The ample natural light that flourishes the whole space also travels in the basement through glass bricks and connects the two vertical planes.

The house develops around the central courtyard. The court area floods with natural light throughout the day highlighting the traditional jaali partition with stained glass on the rear side. This casts marvellous sciography in and around itself adding drama to the courtyard.


Light and shadow

The jaali partition continues inside through to the basement where it forms a classic backdrop to the common area.  The vernacular construction technique of jaali cools off the interiors and the swing adds an old-world charm of an ancestral home. The staircase adjoining the courtyard adds to the volume of the courtyard, thus reiterating the essence of old courtyards.

Plenty of light and cross interaction between family members on different floors is encouraged by this design element. The skylight with pergola stimulates the inner space with varying moods of light and shadow which is created by the continuous movement of the sun.

Indian elements

The bedrooms showcase an interesting blend of bare and textured walls which subtly blend with bright and warm colours. The staircase dazzles with colourful, custom-designed metal lamps radiating at various levels across all floors.

TSP_2748 copy

The basement encompasses the entertainment zone that carefully bifurcates from the car parking area, also in the basement. The home theatre follows a rich-earthy theme. The walls are treated subtly with fabric panels that aid in acoustics. The basement that comprises the gym, home theatre and the indoor game zone are structured such that they do not interfere with any of the private areas at any level.

The terrace on the first floor is a serene green space that overlooks the front of the house. The terrace is accessible from the passage and gives a sneak-peak into a cosy green space. The house finely merges with the vast open landscape adjacent to it that leads to the derasar (Pooja room).

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