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Gensler designs a cohesive workspace for Intuit’s Bengaluru office by imbibing local flavours and vibrant colours.


When Gensler was roped in to design a cohesive, interactive workspace for Intuit’s Development Centre in Bengaluru, the key was to follow the new LEED Platinum instructions. Natalie Engels, Senior Associate and Design Director of Gensler explains, “The environment fosters a corporate culture yet reflects the regional differences of the employees it serves. The space holds a delightful space and a state-of-the-art engineering centre.” The office is equipped with a fitness room and the cafeteria, pantry rooms and privacy rooms where one could unplug and focus. The break-out space doubles up as health space where employees can check their blood pressure with easy-to-use digital monitors.


The architects have smartly incorporated artworks to increase the energy and ‘in vogue’ quotient of the workspace. The theme of the design closely follows the brand’s warm and layered materials to connect the office design to the international Intuit office counterparts, all the while retaining the local flavour through vibrant colours.


“Gensler partnered with RSP throughout the project to connect the client globally. We worked with the client locally to develop design and our counterparts in India helped document and bid the project locally,” says Engels.


The use of multi-coloured rugs and acoustics panels along the walls create an energetic and youthful space. The collaborative hubs are centrally located on each of the seven floors to facilitate collaboration while still striving to have private neighbourhoods for individual and focussed work. This site is cabin-less to emphasise equality in innovation and to begin to strip away the traditional hierarchy.


Also as more women join the workforce in the technology sector, the architects and the management wanted to ensure that the spaces exude an inviting and friendly ambience. The Bengaluru of management ensured the cabin-less site would encourage interaction and would send a positive message to colleagues that leadership is approachable.  To further ensure safety and comfort, the design team paid special attention to things such as, how the garage was lit and the site lines on each floor.


Overall the beautiful office reflects the vision and purpose of Intuit and the lively colour palette exhibits the vibrant local culture.


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    Can i get a job here? haha… Would not mind working here.. Great office it looks!

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