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An exclusive preview into Quasar Istanbul – designed by Marcel Wanders – is due to open in late 2016

Quasar Pool Day

The Quasar Residences are situated on the site of the old Mecidiyeköy Liqueur Factory, one of Turkey’s most prominent structures, and is designed by French architect Robert Mallet Stevens.  The interiors is done up by renowned interior designer Marcel Wanders.

This building remains and has been restored into an arts centre and sits as a unique, white, modernist building in a country of such ornamental historical architecture. “This restoration gave me quite some insight into the diversity and integration of east and west and made the design process rich and exciting,” says Wanders.

“A lot of designers and people are in general attracted by the ‘new’, but nothing ages more quickly than newness so I decided long ago that all of my designs would embody my respect for the past. The residencies display this marriage between the past and present to create exciting homes that the owners and occupiers will love and find meaningful,” states he.

Resplendent Interiors

The apartments are large and bright, with magical, festive and surprising decors that are available in three designs that offer different aesthetic languages and lifestyles. These three styles are known as Natural, Cultural and Cosmopolitan.

The Natural style is a bright and easy-going interior with materials such as stone and wood and offers a connection to the natural world. The décor is cosy with wool rugs and soft padded walls and there is a lot of greenery. It is designed for people who love to feel a connection to the natural world while living in a busy city.

The Cultural style offers an eclectic mix of modern Balkan, rich colors and ornamental patterns that make the space feel vibrant, alive and full of contrast, the bathrooms feature custom designed but locally made tiles that give a feeling of the hammam and are on offer for those who wish to live in a style that reflects the history of Turkey.

Cosmopolitan is the third style, a sophisticated, urban layout dwelling with polished and reflective surface, such as marble and cut mirror, that is for people looking to live the international big city lifestyle.

“At Quasar Istanbul, we create a sensory experience and a meeting point between East and West. Whether playing with scale or juxtaposing intimate areas with ample breath-taking spaces, the overall vision is to offer residents an individual lifestyle experience while they can choose between three different and beautiful themes – Maison, Loft and Nest,” avers Wanders.

Quasar Wine Cellar

Global Influences

The Quasar Head, displayed in the lobby, is an icon for the meeting point between the East and West. Based on a study of faces and features from across the world, the result is a double faced sculpture with an idealized face on one side that represents the east and an idealized face on the other to represent the west. Each face has a unique personality and acts as an ambassador for either the European or the Asian culture, celebrating the cultural and geographical hub, i.e., Istanbul. The head is adorned with tulips, an icon of the country’s culture and work, and as the head slowly turns it symbolises Istanbul’s cultural dynamic.

Many of the spaces feature a traditional Turkish influence, including a modern take on Balkan mosaics, patterns and colours. The lobby also features large spinning ceiling lamps, based on the Whirling Dervish dancers, which of course are unique to Turkey.

The Quasar Residences articulate the dynamic fusion of the east and the west in a city at the cusp, through both design and history.


What does luxury mean to you?

Luxury starts where functionality ends. It’s only where true value is personal, without price or reason, there luxury can magically begin. Luxury is place where your deepest wish is fulfilled before you knew you had it. To me, luxury is a state of mind. And as a designer, my mission is to connect people to design that draws from within them that which they may not even know is inside— a celebration, a joy, an emotion— that may even surprise them.

-Marcel Wanders

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