The Office in the Attic

The Office in the Attic

Rubel Dhuna Architects has implemented minimalism to convert a small loft space into a cosy office for two young lawyers in Mumbai. 

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Mumbai-based Rubel Dhuna Architects was enlisted with the task of creating an atypical office for a young lawyer-duo. A loft space of roughly 275 sq. ft. with large windows overlooking a quiet pedestrian zone would be converted into a private office.


The clients approached us with an exhaustive list of requirements for designing the space, the key concern being maximising the available space. The team came up with a layout that was fluid and extremely versatile allowing several permutations and combinations. The office was proportionately divided into four spaces – a curved entrance corridor leads to the six-seater conference room and a private study while the stairway from the study takes one to the reading loft. The two areas, conference and study, can easily be combined into one larger space for socialising.


Another challenge was to accommodate the exhaustive book collection (library) and paper storage list, without eating into the space. The curved cabinet became the solid library wall.

The wall has a tiny seat and reception area on one side and a large library with overhead cabinets for filing.


RDa kept the palette neutral to give an illusion of space and added to the volume. The space maintains a white canvas with sprinkles of wood tones and silver grey to break the monotony. The white and silver grey cement tile from Bharat flooring adds a bold touch to the overall unassuming interiors.


Similarly, a careful blend of materials added much charm to the space; the architects restricted the palette to strictly three materials. To complement the floors, the RDa workshop custom- designed sleek micro-concrete table top with a white powder-coated metal base. “The challenge was to keep it as sleek as possible so it wouldn’t fill up the entire space,” explains Rubel Dhuna.


A translucent smoked oak paper veneer light also designed by RDa is suspended by a brass rod on the table completes the design. The green planters and books stacked up on the curved library wall add a dash of colour.


Thus, the architects overhaul a matchbox-sized loft space into an impressive office through space maximisation and minimalist décor.

Photos: Harbirz Inc.

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  1. Mrinalini840

    Inspiring Article! Just loved how they have designed a small space so beautifully. Gonna design my home-office on similar lines now. 🙂

  2. Raghav

    Great work Rubel Dhuna Architects. really in today’s world “Less is More.”
    @Mrinalini840 i couldn’t agree more with you.

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