Café Serenity

Perch Wine and Coffee Bar in New Delhi, designed by Anagram Architects, infuses minimalism and clean lines to create a cosy and idyllic setting.

Madhav Raman Vaibhav Dimri
Perch Wine and Coffee Bar is a small oasis nestled in the heart of bustling Khan Market in Delhi. Architects Madhav Raman and Vaibhav Dimri of Anagram design a cosy place for people to huddle for conversations. The idyllic, de-cluttered setting, set amidst green foliage, invites natural light within the café.

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Convivial spaces

The premises hosted an Indian cuisine restaurant where the heavily corniced wooden false ceiling, mirror panelled walls and tinted windows dominated the décor. The renovation made way for frugal detailing and simple articulations. The present brown and off-white colour tone creates a fresh canvas against which a rustic material palette and green planters remain as highlights. The panelling was stripped and reused, the windows de-tinted and a skylight was introduced above the stair well. The light is amplified by the whitewashed walls while the wood lends warmth to the interiors.

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The lower floor has high-stool seating along shared ledge counters and a communal log table arranged for a view of the tree-lined storefronts below and to encourage the odd conversation between strangers. The upper floor is populated with couches, wide dining chairs for more intimate dining. Perch’s design attempts to create an environment that revives various affinities: between taste and fragrance, craft and nature and amongst people.

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Closer to Nature

The design further reinforces its sensitivity to nature and its commitment to the environment through the scrupulous reuse and upcycling of wood and steel, both from the previous restaurant as well as from industrial packaging waste. The staircases are fashioned with steel girders removed from the ceiling to create the skylight. The staircase treads and the seating are made of jamun (Java Plum) and keekar (Indian Gum Arabic) respectively, both species being native to Delhi.

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The front door, retrofitted with planters of vines, angiosperms and succulents, greets the visitor and behind it a narrow flight of wooden treads ascends away from the busy central lane of the market.

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A large ficus tree looms over the stairwell as one climbs up to the upper floor under the cover of its canopy. On the upper floor, the French windows part completely to throw open the terrace to pleasant weather. Terrariums, potted herbs, flower and frut bearing plants dot the tables, nooks and crannies, diffusing vegetation, aroma and colour throughout the premises.

Anagram 26th August 2015 c andré j fanthome0029


Overall, the Perch Café creates a cosy, verdant space for the city-dweller to meet-and-greet over a cup of coffee or work in a reposeful setting.


Text: Anuja Abraham

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  1. Rani Dechhen Chauhan

    Loved reading the article! Will definitely visit this place on my next trip to Delhi! It’s on my must-go places now.

  2. Caleb

    @Rani.. Yes, you should definitely chek out this place. I have been there 4-5 times now and it has become quite my favorite. Amazing place, amazing ambience, great staff and a total value for money.

  3. Priyal

    I think i know where am i going this weekend!

    • You should fefinitely visit this place. It is worth your time.

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