The Art of Lounging

Studio Masquespacio creates a quirky and cosy Lounge Hostel in Valencia, Spain.


Spanish creative branding and interior designing studio Masquespacio has quite a penchant for vibrant colours. Recently, they have overhauled the interiors of a Lounge Hostel situated in an old town of Valencia Spain. The bright graphic hostel has the look of a modern hotel but exudes the cosiness of one’s home. The 11-room hostel was designed specifically to cater to discerning travellers with different tastes, lifestyle and preferences. Maintaining their signature style, the bold and vibrant prints are visible throughout the hostel, while the rooms explore different themes such as surfing, music and ethnic trends.


The brand creates a distinct identity for the hostel through its products and furniture; the custom-made lamps, tables, and decorative elements were all designed exclusively by Masquespacio with the exception of chairs and armchairs. While the hostel design displays a contemporary look, authentic elements specific to Valencian homes of the 20th century were retained, such as vintage cement tiles and ceilings decorated with plaster molds.


Ana Milena Hernández Palacios, creative director of Masquespacio states, “We wanted to recreate the feeling for the guests that they were staying in a home, but one that makes them dream, disconnect and live a new experience, while they are enjoying holidays.”






Photos: Luis Beltran

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