Under A Green Canopy

Under A Green Canopy

By fusing traditional elements and natural greenery, Ar. Dhananjay Shinde creates an informal and rustic set up for his design studio located in interiors of Nashik.


Nestled in a farmland with rural setting at Gowardhan village in Nashik, Ar. Dhananjay Shinde has successfully created a rustic and unassuming design for his studio which blends with the natural set up of the location. Spread in an area of 250 sq.m, the architectural concept of the studio breaks away from the conventional way of life and goes back to its root, from the city to the village, thereby giving a growth impetus to the area, albeit in a small way. Designed as an environmentally responsive and energy efficient project, the  material palette for the studio focussed on using local, cheap and reusable materials like rough black basalt stone, grey Newasa stone for flooring, rough teak wood logs, corten steel, form finish concrete for slabs, cement terrazzo for flooring and toilets, natural aluminium and metal.


Decoding Design

The layout of the project is influenced by traditional concept found in old Indian settlements having individual pavilions meant for different functions (like sleeping, eating, washing etc.) all arranged in a compounded property. The spaces between individual pavilions for reception, main cabin studio, services, have become green breathing pockets, which provide thermal insulation for the hot tropical climate of Nashik. Likewise, the concept of individual pavilion is continued to the interiors as well. There is a blur grey area between the exterior and landscape as both flows seamlessly into each other. Reception pavilion is a reinterpretation of traditional element of simple roof on four columns.  In this case it is a leaf shaped roof with deep overhang supported on six columns, which is just enough to keep out the summer and rains. The design of overhang was inspired by element of nature i.e. leaf. These overhangs were crafted from wooden shingles, whereas the structural frame was kept exposed giving the feel of veins of the leaf.

RAM_6527 - Copy

The inside space is very pleasant and comfortable eschewing the need for air conditioners and fans. The water body (kund) is a reinterpretation of traditional Indian Ghats or the step well. Here it functions as an open-air multipurpose gathering space. The staff members relish the natural environment with no noise and air pollution. The studio in houses maximum occupancy is provided with double height volume which maximizes ventilation. The operational energy is minimal as the building generates less waste and conserves natural resources, rain water harvesting being a very important aspect.


Architect Quote:

The most challenging aspect was to achieve the openness and transparency in spaces without disturbing the privacy of the staff and clients. Another challenge was to get a leaf-shaped reception pavilion. Lots of drawings, model had to be revised to achieve the desired curvature and angle.




Project Details

Project Name:  Dhananjay Shinde Design Studio


Area: 250sq.m


Location: Nashik


Project Head: Ar. Dhananjay Shinde


Design Team: Payal Prabhudesai

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