Gaudi’s Barcelona School Gets New Extension

Gaudi’s Barcelona School Gets New Extension

With a view to expand the Teresian School in Barcelona, designed by Ar. Antoni Gaudí, PICH architects have come up with a modern academic design which neither undermines nor distracts from original masterwork. The new facade showcases an innovative architectural ‘textile’ product that is composed of ceramic panels integrated into a flexible stainless steel mesh or grid. The facade is hung by fastening stainless steel anchors, which counter the effects of wind, to adjacent metallic meshes.

Solar powered pipe 2(1)

Solar powered ‘PIPE’ to desalinate water

Khalili Engineers have proposed the solar powered pipe for the land art generator initiative (LAGI) 2016.  With a view to desalinate seawater into potable water, the concept of pipe is a blend of artistic, technological and architectural properties which will float off the coast of Santa Monica, California. Its solar panels provide power to pump seawater through an electromagnetic filtration process, simultaneously distributing fluid to a salt bath with natural healing properties, and generating 4.5 billion litres of drinking water for the city using an electromagnetic desalination process.

Solar powered pipe 2

Carme Pinós’ awarded with Berkeley-Rupp Prize 2016

Renowned architect Carme Pinós’ has been lauded with the Berkeley-Rupp Prize awards 2016. Pinós leads the architectural firm Estudio Carme Pinós in Barcelona, Spain and is known for designs ranging from cultural centres, educational institutions and public housing to office towers, urban landscapes and furniture design. The biannual Berkeley-Rupp Prize awards $100,000 to a distinguished design practitioner or academic who has made a significant contribution to advancing gender equity in architecture, and whose work emphasizes a commitment to sustainability and community.


Architecture model museum opens in Japan

Museum dedicated to architectural model – the Archi Depot was recently opened to public in Tokyo, Japan. Launched by Warehouse Terrada, the museum acts as a warehouse-cum-gallery where both study maquettes and final design models are on display. On display are large scale models of Kengo Kuma’s Aix en Provence Conservatory of Music, a university campus by Riken Yamamoto and a school surrounded by trees by Kazuhiro Kojima and Kazuko Akamatsu. Other studios with work on display include Shigeru Ban, Torafu Architects, Klein Dytham Architecture, Nikken Sekkei and Sandwich.

architecture model musuem 1

DUS architects use bioplastic to design 3-D printed cabin

After two years of continuous research, DUS Architects has recently unveiled a micro version of the Canal House called the Urban Cabin to be built along the Buiksloter canal in an industrial area in Amsterdam. The 3-D printed cabin features a bed that folds into a seat during the day, two windows, and a bathtub that sits outside. The house rests on a concrete infill pad that extends out from the structure to provide a small outdoor space and entryway. But the most impressive aspect of the building is its sustainable, bioplastic facade in a honeycomb pattern that offers extra structural stability.

DUS architects

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