A Minimalistic Abode

Balraj J Thethi Interior Designer & Consultant creates a minimalistic yet plush design for Mumbai-based owner by effectively blending the taste of every family member along with play on the use of colour, material and light.


A home is a reflection of one’s personality is an adage which perfectly matches the theme of the residence recently designed by Balraj J Thethi and his team for a family of five located in suburbs of Mumbai. Spread in an area of 2,000 sq.ft., Manoj Shah, the owner of 5BHK apartment wanted  a design which is contemporary and matches the personality of every individual in his family. “Though the client and his family had a clear perspective about the space, but the major challenge was the individuality in thoughts and taste of every member. With the help of one to one interaction with the family members and the initial sketches helped us to figure out the client’s requirement, says Interior designer Balraj Thethi.”


Material Palette

The apartment houses living room, master bedroom, parent’s room, elder son’s room, younger son’s room and music room. Each room in the house holds prominence of its own and has been designed keeping in mind the rules of Vaastu. From royal to rustic, the rooms of the house have a personal touch of all the members of the family. Special emphasis has been laid on the colour scheme, use of materials; design of the ceiling and on the lighting of each rooms of the apartment. The play on the different levels in the ceiling’s design adds an illusion of height to the space. With regards to the lighting, the designer has infused utility and diffused light which gives a dramatic effect to the interiors. Besides the lighting used in ceiling area helps in highlighting the details in the sections of ceiling.  With reference to the flooring, the designer has used composite marble by Kalingastone (Classic Marble Company) which gives a glossy finish to the interiors. The colour scheme of the project includes the use of shades and hues of copper and brown along with white which gives a warm feeling to the apartment.


Intricacies of design


From furniture to light fixture everything used in the living space area has a hint of rose gold and the existing colour scheme of white and copper which is seconded by the glossy surface and shade of the metal. The vastness of living room is a play on seamless marble flooring and the egg shell white walls. The furnishings and wall finishes have been given neutral shade which supports the walls highlighted in silk finish copper wall coverings. With reference to the seating arrangement, the designer has incorporated an individual recliner sofa which can be customised.


Based on the client’s requirement, the design of the master bedroom was kept simple yet elegant. The mica chip covering on the wall gives an abrasive look to the backdrop. With regards to the décor, the designer has followed the concept of less is more for this space.

The elder son’s room has been designed keeping in mind his profession. Being a guitarist, singer and businessman, the occupant wanted a warm colour scheme for his room with some raw surfaces. Keeping in mind his brief, the designer has used shade of yellow which generates a warming effect. The minimal hint of design on the unit facing the bed and on the wall back drop defines the concept of the room.


Besides, the elder son had also requested for a space wherein he can have a mini studio of his own. Keeping in mind the occupant’s dedication towards music, the designer has kept the space very simple by using deep blue shade curtains as the backdrop. The remaining carpet area has been occupied with the beautiful collections of the occupant’s guitar. “The whole idea was to create a complete breakout zone from the rest of the apartment, giving it a feel of a mini music studio. The colour palette of this space is kept in pastel which again gives a warm touch to the entire apartment says Thethi.”


Moving onto the younger son’s room, the design again is influenced by the profession of the occupant. The use of burgundy shade in the younger’s son room who is an aspiring graphic designer gives a creative element to the room. The use of interesting elements like ‘S’ alphabet inspired book rack and the selection of the wall washer in the backdrop and bed coverings gives a graphical appeal to the room.

IMG_0588 (2)

The designer has effectively maintained a contemporary design theme throughout the rooms. Conscious efforts were taken to keep the concepts simple which ensures that no element in the design over powers another. In short the designer has successfully created a personalised design which is in harmony with the colour and finishes of the entire apartment.


Project details:

Design team: Balraj Thethi and Team

Location: Mulund, Mumbai

Area: 2,000 sq.ft carpet area

Project completion: March 2016

Photo: Sutej Thethi

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