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Multi-faceted Industrial designer Hardik Gandhi of DesignGandhi Studio talks about his journey, his source of inspiration and future plans.

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Versatile designer Hardik Gandhi is better known for his extra-ordinary contemporary designs which he creates fusing with various cultural aspects which is very well reflected in terms of material, technique, form or pattern. The multi-faceted designer had strong inclination towards creating things from early on.  This involved him to constantly explore various materials, visiting local markets, observing people and the interface with the objects and building stuff. At a very young age Gandhi realised his bent for designing and decided to make a career into Industrial Design which he pursued from NID, Ahmedabad. Talking about his design journey Gandhi said, “I was initially interested in Industrial Design because of my innate appreciation for producing liable stuff but it has now proceeded into a wider spectrum of designing.”


After completing his education, Gandhi decided to setup his own studio DesignGandhi which he founded in the year 2011. The multidisciplinary studio functions in wide range of aspects like furniture, products, lifestyle accessories, small space interiors as well as selected visual communication design projects. The studio with its modern, futuristic approach towards creation believes in translating ideas into real products, spaces and environment that are aesthetically pleasing, but at the same time, practical and useful. In a short span of five years, the multifaceted designer has won several design awards and has also displayed his award winning projects at the ‘Ambiente’, Frankfurt.


Design Philosophy and Inspiration

As a designer, Gandhi believes in creating thoughtful, functional and aspirational designs for everyday living. Talking about his design philosophy he said, “There is a metaphoric undertone to everything designed, adding a certain sense of poetry to our work. However, the primary emphasis in each project is function, and is inspired from user insights and desirability.” He also takes a great sense of pride on the fact that all his products are made in India.


For creating designs for his products, Gandhi prefers experimenting with new concepts. He often draws inspiration for his creations from travelling, nature, people, his childhood memories and from his hometown – Gujarat. He strongly believes that bright ideas can come from anywhere or anyone.  Amongst the design fraternity, Gandhi is inspired by the works of Danish designer Hans J. Wegner who is known for integrating perfectly executed joints with exquisite shapes and combining them with a constant curiosity for materials and deep respect for wood and its natural characteristics.


Citing example of one of his projects close to his heart, he said “aer_home for GCPL, India has been one of the most enduring projects for me. The major crux of this project was the vast research that went into every step of product construction. The project not only encompasses product designing but also volunteered us to understand the dynamics of FMCG market in India. The significance of this project lies within the seamless form, packaging and functionality. The distinctive visual defines the fragrance and gives character the form.”

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Apart from work, the talented designer loves listening to music and going for road trips in his free time. When asked about what he aspired to be if not a designer, to which he jokingly answered saying a Musician or a Magician.


At present, the versatile designer is focusing on design education for younger generation. Besides he is also working on few seating furniture collection which are slated to be launched in February 2017. As an advice to the design aspirants Gandhi says, “There is tremendous opportunity for the budding designers in India. So empower yourself with knowledge, skills and passion for good design and Do what you love… Love what you do,” he signs off.

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