High on Coziness/ A Tranquil Set Up

High on Coziness/ A Tranquil Set Up

Ar. Sara Tilche creates a relaxing set up for Om Made Café in Bengaluru which effectively blends with the natural surrounding and gives one escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Sara Tilche

The owner of the Om Made Café franchise in Bengaluru wanted to create a rooftop restaurant where one can feel the open air free space and can have a getaway from their busy schedule and crowded city life. Nestled in Koramangala, Bengaluru, the restaurant has been set up as the first franchise of café based in Anjuna beach, Goa.  The interiors of the café has been conceptualised and designed by Ar. Sara Tilche and Gregory Bazire, who has managed to create a décor which is simple, but the use of bright colours gives it a rustic and artsy feel.

architecture photography for om made cafe bangalore

The café has a beautiful open air rooftop setting and explores the playful use of colour, plants, customised old furniture, and Indian frames, which conveys a story of its own and makes one dream for a moment. Talking about the restaurant interiors Tilche said, “We took inspiration from the café in Anjuna, and wanted to bring a little bit of Goa in the city of Bengaluru. We really wanted our customers to take a break from their busy days and ‘refresh and relax’ enjoying our terrace. So I had to follow the ideas behind the first café and develop them on a larger scale.”

architecture photography for om made cafe bangalore

Design Details

The open air rooftop cafe has one unique main space, where the only walls were used not to divide the space but to create different views and areas. “The idea was not to discover everything while entering but to bring around the customer, and let him take some time to move and be surprised by all the different settings and find the one that suited them better,” says Tilche.

architecture photography for om made cafe bangalore

The height of the ceiling at the entrance area and to the west side of the terrace gives an impressive look to the interiors. The entrance is adorned in wood flooring which gives a feeling of warmth to the atmosphere. The south side of the terrace is open which makes the set up perfect for dinner or an early breakfast. The west side of the terrace has a cement floor and a glass roof which has big curtains to protect from the strong sun but can be open completely at night time.  Coming to the kitchen area, the chef counter has a central position along with an open air kitchen which is kept closer to the guest area which allows the customers to experience the café’s way of cooking. The preparation room and the storage room are next to the cooking section whereas the bar area is placed in the centre of the space which adds to the ambience of the café.


Décor Details

Right from use of old furniture to lamps, frames to little decorative objects the decor of the cafe is very well customised and talks everything about Indian lifestyle and culture. With regards to lighting, the designer wanted a spot light illumination which is soft and romantic. The garden is also well illuminated with spot light on silver palms or big agaves. Besides many tables only had candle light. The effective use of planters not only adds the green element to the space but was also used to divide the sitting space and create an intimate situation for the tables.

architecture photography for om made cafe bangalore

All in all, Ar. Sara Tilche has managed to create a contemporary design with a rustic feel for an open rooftop café which effectively blends with the scenic beauty of the space thereby creating a relaxed ambience for the customers.

Photo Credits: Gregory Lent & Om Made Cafe


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