10 Most Popular Home Decor Images in 2016

10 Most Popular Home Decor Images in 2016

As the year 2016 comes to an end, we take a look back at the 10 most popular images on the iDecorama platform. More than 50,000 interior design and home decor images were uploaded from all parts of the globe but there were a few which were liked more than the others. So, let’s have a look at the top 10 and understand what made them different.


White Beauty

Pure and pristine – are the qualities associated with white; the color maintains its status quo in 2016 as most people select it as the primary element of their living spaces.

Project by: Sanchita Tucker

View the entire project here:


Minimalism Accentuated

The minimal look dominates the interiors as most families prefer a De-cluttered look. The look is accentuated with requisite accessories which can have a precise context by way of its design and color.

Project by: Chahat Lawania

View the entire project here:


A Precise Foreplay of Material and Color

Integrating the spaces with color is high on the agenda too. This color co-ordination can be achieved by using materials and accessories in sync with the overall look. Teak wood, wood panels and matching sofa set covers take center stage.

Project by: Iti Ranga

View the entire project here:


Bedrooms Lit Up!

For most bedrooms the quaint look is preferred; lighter tones do the trick, but the lighting fixtures need to be customized for the color scheme to add a dose of glamour.

Project by: Chahat Lawania

View the entire project here:


Reading Corners

Dedicated spaces define their individual charm in the entire scheme. Reading spaces break away from the usual fare of using recliners and reading chairs utilizing floor couches instead.

Project by: Richa Bahl Design Studio

View the entire project here:



Certain spaces come close to the theme of a dollhouse. Ideally the concept of a dollhouse is limited to the children’s room but the babyish yet colorful theme encapsulates other spaces in its ambit as well.

Project by: Shravika Jain

View the entire project here:


A Precise Blend

Most of the children’s rooms showcase a precise fusion – juxtaposing vibrant tones with the subtle ones.  The design intent is to make the space conscious yet playful.

Project by: Khushalani Associates

View the entire project here:


Home Box Office

The idea of a home theatre hit contemporary homes and this can be achieved using DLP, LCD and LED projectors.

Project by: Purple Backyard

View the entire project here:


Modular Kitchens

Modular Kitchens retain their individuality and we must add that the premise of contemporary minimalism does play an active role in maintaining this status quo.

Project by: Sanjay Navgire

View the entire project here:


Quirky Interiors

Commercial spaces induce the quotient of quirkiness by using a complete design ensemble which includes funky furniture and accessories.

Project by: Abhay Narayan

View the entire project here:

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