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Ravish Mehra Deepak Kalra Architects creates an inviting modish design for HSJ store located in the city of Moradabad which spells luxury and gives the flavour of  local traditional art and culture.


The owner of the HSJ store wanted a contemporary design which appeals to a wider audience including niche clientele and expresses the brand’s identity set in the context of future expansion in a town of Uttar Pradesh. Spread across sprawling 12,000 sq.ft. in the city of Moradabad, the newly opened jewellery store has been designed by the talented team of designers led by Deepak Kalra, Principal Architect of Ravish Mehra Deepak Kalra Architects.  Being located in a city known for its metal handicrafts and high Islamic and Mughal influence, the designers were inspired to create a store that not only justifies the glistening jewellery it housed but also has a contemporary appeal with a local flavor using Islamic orders, geometries and patterns.


Bifurcation of spaces

This showroom is divided into four floors. Sprawled over these 4 floors are the three sections- gold, silver, diamond/ designer jewellery along with backup section and workshops. Every product has been given a special display infrastructure and environment suiting the product and client profile. Each of the three sections of the store-silver, gold, diamond/designer jewellery are guided by a carefully chosen colour scheme. Shades of browns, reds and burgundy highlight the gold section whereas the diamond section sees the predominant use of blues and greys.

The shop has been laid out with immense clarity, the centre being the point of accessibility to all three sections namely silver, gold and diamond. Circulation areas have been carefully planned to create uninterrupted selling areas where the concentration of the buyers is not disturbed at all. A cut out too was created to connect all three floors for visibility, without wasting any usable floor area.


Impressive Interiors

The interiors see a rich use of coloured steel, mirror, inlay works and heavy fabrics. Similar concepts have been translated into various materials to generate a sense of continuity. Traditional Islamic geometries have been incorporated into huge accurately carved and assembled stone pieces, in the stained-glass door, in forms of inlays as well as in steel.

Throughout the space there is a range of custom designed eye catching furniture items set in a tailored ambience, creating a dynamic experience for the visitor. The furniture was used as a strong element to bring out the carefully chosen colour scheme of each section. The main aim of the design of the chandelier was to capture the elements of Mughal Jewels and their detailed craftsmanship. The chandelier was meant to look like a beautiful piece of jewellery that creates a feeling of awe as one enters the store.

On the upper floor the ornamental ceiling with the honey comb pattern is a contemporary take on the traditional Islamic patterns and geometry abundant in their culture. It was further highlighted with the use of a blue light for two reasons-one blue being a very predominant Islamic colour and the other was to emphasise the colour scheme of blues and greys of the diamond section. The ceiling also reflects the same pattern as the inlay on the floor below, that one can perceive standing at the cut out.


Extraordinary Exteriors

The façade makes a bold statement with a silent interesting surface detailing combined with stained glass doors almost 30 feet high which form the main focus from a distance. Texture and colour pallet used was typically Islamic with emphasis on blues, green and gold. Even though the façade stands like a vault, the 30 feet stained glass door not only makes it inviting with a spark of colour in otherwise neutral tones but also allows just a glimpse of the inside generating curiosity. Elaborating on the design of the façade, Kalra said, “The highlight of the project is the design of the façade that makes a bold statement and yet does not intimidate the multitude of people entering the showroom. It is inviting in its simplicity. We took direct inspiration from the culture so predominant, and translated that into the design language so that people could relate to it and at the same time expect a very different experience.”

All in all, the architect has successfully created an inviting contemporary design by maintaining the theme of city’s culture throughout the store which makes a bold statement and yet makes it look timeless in its simplicity.


Design Team: Deepak Kalra, Shifaa Kalra, Rachit Prakash, Aarushi Kalra, Faizal Yaseen, Preeti Gautam, Devansh Das

Furniture Credits: I’m The Centre for Applied Arts

Photography Credits: Ankush Maria

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