Top 9 Vanity Lighting Ideas for your Bathroom

Top 9 Vanity Lighting Ideas for your Bathroom

The bathroom is perhaps the most overlooked space, when it comes to lighting. With sanitation and luxury bath spaces claiming their place in modern homes, it is criminal to ignore the bathroom, your most personal space. Now, bathroom lighting has to be special. It is the one place where you are truly alone, truly yourself. So we’re not talking fancy, but ambient, relaxing lighting. While functionality is key (you can hardly groom those brows in poor lighting, of course), one hardly wants their alone space to be saturated with harsh, merely functional lighting. The bathroom space should be therapeutic and recreational, a space to unwind from the cares of the day. Scroll down for ideas on how to light your bathroom to transform it into a space where you are fully comfortable.

Hidden lights

Strategically place those lights behind mirrors, under cabinets, or tuck them away into tray ceilings to bring an ethereal glow into your bathroom.


Project by Gaurav Roy Choudhary Architects

Mirror Mirror

Not only highly functional when it comes to getting those perfectly detailed eyes right, placing lights next to, or in front of mirrors also opens up the space, adding visual depth


Project by LS3P Associates.

Amber hours

Pick warm, golden hues for a sensual and experience. Hide them behind transparent or translucent panels for an even mellower vibe.


Project by Sweta Shah

Diffused delight

Scatter your ceiling with multiple tiny downlights to create a diffuse glow.


Project by ABM Architects.

Panel Play

Alternatively, install lights behind panel diffusers to ensure good lighting, while also making sure the light is not too harsh.


Project by Anusha Technovision Pvt Ltd.

Cabinet lighting

Generously drizzle a few lights into cabinets, install the shelves and recesses where you store your bath products with some soft lights, and your bathroom magically transforms into a personal spa.


Project by Amit Khanaa.

Low lighting

Hang your lights low for a warm, surreal glow. This will light up your bath space with a gentle, romantic radiance.


Project by Bobby Mukherji and Associates.

Nature lover

Even when it comes to lighting, natural is always best. Open up your bathroom space by replacing a wall with glass and placing it next to a high outer wall. This way, you can relax into a bath while gazing at the skies, and keep your privacy.


Project by Kumar Murthy and Associates.

The Centrepiece

One wouldn’t think a bathroom is the right place for an ornate chandelier. With bathrooms featuring sophisticated art, and what not, we say why not! Go ahead, pick an elaborate centrepiece light for your bathroom, and let it take up the spotlight.


Project by Genesis Architects Pvt. ltd.

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