Puja Power: Top 8 Puja Room designs for your home

Puja Power: Top 8 Puja Room designs for your home

With memories of the Lohri and Pongal festivities still fresh, and many more festivals lined up over the next couple of months, we bring you the best of design ideas for your personal puja-room for the most ambient and blessed pujas this season.

Neutral Nook

Incorporate neutral, glossy tones into your worship-place to bring out the vibrant colors of standard traditional elements like your idols, pictures and flowers.

Glossy Neutral

Project by Yasha Chandak

Standing Tall

Nothing describes the glory of the divine better than a towering ceiling for your puja room.

verve designs

Project by Verve Designs

Minimalist Worship

If you’re a no fuss spiritual, and glamour and God are two unrelated words in your dictionary, go minimal with this design idea by Milind and Minal Gadkari.

Millind minimal

Project by Milind Gadkari

Puja Lounge

Who said you need to be uncomfortable when you’re calling upon the divine? Furnish your puja room with a trellised couch, and matching golden cushions for the perfect setting to relax and call upon the divine.

Raksh R SHArma Architects

Project by Rakesh R Sharma Architects

Communal Worship

Commune with friends, family and neighbors in this exquisite design by Artha Interiors. If you’re quite the host, and you love the comfort and community of shared worship, open out your drawing room into the puja room.

Artha Projects Pvt Ltd

Project by Artha Interiors Pvt Ltd

The Meditation Hall

Usher in the New Age, with this multipurpose meditation hall puja-room design. As illustrated, sacred spaces need not be confined to some dark corner. Let the sun in, for a better energy.
MEditation hall

Project by H P Lakhani and Associates

Sacred Art

If art comes under all things sacred for you, don’t hold back from adding a bold and sacred centrepiece, it will only add to the spiritual ambience.

Gay3 and Namith ARchitects

Project by Gayathri and Namith Architects Pvt Ltd.

Faith and Fusion

Keep the old, and usher in the new, with this uber-sleek design. Perfect if you’re looking to install an in-house temple.

On the House

Project by Metricchant Designers and Architects Ltd.

By Faustina Johnson

Faustina Johnson A nomad at heart, Faustina lives many lives through the spaces that she visits, and finds a temporary home in. Whether it’s the pages of a book or the tourist infested streets of Kodaikanal, or the swanky new Japanese restaurant in Delhi, or the frontlines of the queer movement, she finds compulsive pleasure in writing about what inspires her everyday.

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