The Boston Butt: Savory Southern Splendour

The Boston Butt: Savory Southern Splendour

If there was anything good about the Prohibition Era, it was the food that came out of the Southern States. And that is what Mumbai’s swanky, new barbeque, the Boston Butt, captures with grace. Now, a swanky barbeque might sound like an oxymoron, but this is the only way to describe the ambience. Thanks, in no small part, to architect Ar. Reza Kabul, who has reimagined the Dixie states for restaurateurs Sidharth Kashyap, and his partners Karna Shinde and Nishant Rao who run the place, endowing the diner with a carefully detailed decor that spells out Southern comfort.


Enter the restaurant, and warm, woody tones greet you, the perfect kinesthetic complement to the sumptuous cooking aromas saturating the air. The use of wood dominates the interiors in the flooring, seating and other accessories, a conspicuous reference to the predominant lumber industry of the South. The light and lustrous browns complement the airy space perfectly, giving it the air of an affluent summer mansion in the South. Even the soft lighting, along with the keen emphasis on letting the natural light in, channels the sultry South.


The fundamental role played by natural light is aided along by beveled window panes, a tribute to the late 18th century French Quarters in New Orleans, in a devotion to details that is characteristic of the architect. And this what makes the restaurant stand out most- the Boston Butt is not just another grungy, plastic American-style diner. Instead, it brings you the familiar comforts of Southern food in the crisp setting of a classy indoor picnic.

The restaurant features two levels. The bottom level is designed to host families, with its quaint and comfortable all-wood seating. The second level hosts the bar. True to the theme, it is replete with picnic plaid tartan upholstery and a bright red truck hood, which doubles up as the DJ console. The white plastered walls host a number of mirrors with handpainted signs that read out alcohol brands, in a simulation of the handpainted alcohol ads of the wild West. Apart from these, they also feature a mix and match of visually engaging elements, like the wall mounted papier-mâché busts of a ram, deer, and boar that create a focal point for the bar-goers. Together, both levels can accommodate a hundred guests. Gorgeous in its savory Southern splendor, the young restaurant is the perfect setting for the slow-cooked meats and the jazz swing that entertain guests every night.


Architect and Designer: Ark Reza Kabul ArchitectsKaamna-TBB-Aug2016-interiors-9__1484805369_182.64.215.41


Location: Kala Ghoda, Mumbai


Area: 2930 sqft.


Completion Date: August 2016



By Faustina Johnson
Faustina JohnsonA nomad at heart, Faustina lives many lives through the spaces that she visits, and finds a temporary home in. Whether it’s the pages of a book or the tourist infested streets of Kodaikanal, or the swanky new Japanese restaurant in Delhi, or the frontlines of the queer movement, she finds compulsive pleasure in writing about what inspires her everyday.

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