Netflix To Release New Design Documentary

Netflix To Release New Design Documentary


Netflix is set to enter the design world with a brand new eight part documentary series. The sleek new original series, featuring eight masters of design across a variety of disciplines, has been created by Wired editor-in-chief Scott Dadich. Titled Abstract: The Art of Design, the series features the likes of Danish architect Bjarke Ingels, British interior designer Ilse Crawford, British stage designer Es DEvlin, to name a few. The first installation is set to air on 10th February.

Es Devlin

Introducing the documentary on Wired, creator Scott Dadich promises that it is going to be nothing like the standard take on design, most of which is “clean, minimal, and boring as hell”. Speaking about the fate of the coverage that design attracts, he says most of it is simply “restrained, polished, pretty—so many of them look like a moving version of a coffee table book.” Abstract, on the other hand, will be bold, impassioned, and will embody the aesthetic sensibilities of its designer subjects.  

Design is ubiquitous. It’s in your house, it’s in the cars you drive, in the oven you heat up your food in, in the clothes and shoes you wear. The new series will be a conscious attempt at examining the process that went behind the creation of such everyday articles, and the way innovation creeps into our world. Creator Dadich made the piece for RadicalMedia, along with partners Morgan Neville, and Dave O’Connor, Jon Kamen and Justin Wilkes.

Each episode will be a stand alone film in its own right, and the eight designers that will be featured are Bjarke Ingels (Architect), Christoph Niemann (Illustrator), Es Devlin (Stage Designer), Ilse Crawford (Interior Designer), Paula Scher (Graphic Designer), Platon (Photographer), Ralph Gilles (Automobile Designer) and Tinker Hatfield (Nike Shoe Designer).

Ilse Crawford, interior design

This is a bold new perspective that reflects the philosophy of contemporary design itself. Intentionality, Dadich says, is what drives the future of design. In this era when our very lived experience is intertwined with the ubiquitous digital technology that allows us these experiences, nothing is an accident. The documentary will explore the decisions that went behind building the beautiful objects that define the contemporary world. Creator Dadich and his partners intend for the series to endow daily objects and life in the digital world with deeper meaning.

Fingers crossed.
Watch the trailer here.

Watch it online here, when it releases.

By Faustina Johnson

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