23 Study Room Designs That Will Make You A Workaho...

23 Study Room Designs That Will Make You A Workaholic

With the rise in freelance careers, and remote working options, the workspace at home gains priority all over the world. We bring you some of the best design ideas for the ideal home office.

Rustic Creative

Go for a classic writing table and chair. The perfect rustic setting is the best way to bring out the writer in you.

Ambarish RAj

Project by Ambarish Raj

Sleek Chic

Or, if sleek and chic is your style, go for an all white decor. Complement it with pastels and light tones, for a an appropriately sterile and focused ambiance.

Cubit Architects

Project by Cubit Architects

No Nonsense, No Distractions

If you’re someone who really prefers a no-nonsense environment where there are no distractions, then this minimalistic setting is for you. Throw in an easily accessible library for good measure.

VHV designs

Project by VHV Designs

Lighting Priorities

Poring over a journal in poor lighting, missing half the words and giving yourself a headache while at it simply will not do. Reserve a well lit nook for the most efficient workplace. Floor to ceiling windows, light curtains and fittings that can resonate the natural light. Keep it stylish, keep it bright.


Project by Mova1 Architecture and Design Studio

The Modest Window

If you’re simply used to working on your laptop, then too much light can be rather counterproductive. Allow yourself a sizeable nook near a sizeable window. Definitely well lit, and yet not harsh enough to make you squint at your laptop from odd angles. Best for when you’re in the habit of staring away into the distance, when you have to brainstorm.


Project by Atrium

Basement for the Kids

A well lit basement office is a great setting for a sealed and distraction free environment. Ideal for kids who prefer to study without the domestic sounds and hustle of the house to disturb them.

Centre for design excellence

Project by Centre for Design Excellence

Brighten Up the Kids’ Studyroom

Incorporate bright colours to get your kids to love spending time in the study room. Yellows, blues, pinks and reds are known to work very well.

SHweta Shah__1485251261_182.69.90.222

Project by Sweta Shah

All work, no Play?

However, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Be sure to add some playful elements, to break the monotony. Giving children the option of play gives them a wholesome environment to work in.


Project by Aura Architects

Windowseat Love

A window seat is another great way to incorporate a fun element that will also make your kids sit down and read for long hours, while allowing them the option of movement.

Zero 9

Project by Zero 9

The Playroom Study

If you’re someone who believes in furnishing your children’s studyroom with lots of playful elements, get experimental. Go for edgy elements like these stylish and cute seating options. Children are fascinated by the unusual, and this might just get them to spend way more time in the studyroom than you ever imagined. Hey, some goes for the adults, too!

ANagram Architects

Project by Anagram Architects

Quirky Inspiration

Are you one of those rare and precious people, a creative worker? We understand how difficult it must be to get inspired sitting in a drab, mundane workspace. You office space at home can be turned into a quirky and inspiring space. Bring out those art collections, to inspire the eccentric in you.

Design Staple

Project by Design Staple

Vintage Airs

Throw in some lovely, fitting vintage accessories, like a typewriter, to give you the feels.

Mohammed Rashid__1485252264_182.69.90.222

Project by Mohammed Rashid

Open it Up

Open up your workplace with a cavernous double height ceiling to give enough room for your ideas.

HCP Planning Design Pvt Ltd

Project by HCP Design, Planning and Management Pvt Ltd

Lounge Lover

Being stuck to the same few cubic meters of space can get terribly boring. Build your studyroom as a loungy space, to give yourself the freedom of movement. Add a view in there, for good measure.


Project by LMC Architects

Nature Inspirational

Working outdoors is lovely, too. Many of us would rather have the limitless ceiling of the skies over our heads, than be shut up in a room all day, especially when engaging in creative work. Incorporate the outdoors into your home office, install a loungy reading seat for some inspirational energy from nature itself.

We design Studio

Project by We Design Studio

The Library Studyroom

It’s always a great idea to enhance the studyroom with an accessible library. Build a study-room library. You can see how that would work out well!

Spaces Architects

Project by Spaces Architects

Groupthink Brainstorms

If you’re always working with a team, then a home studio is what you need. Check out this amazing design by Labwerk, for the perfect group brainstorming session.


Project by Labwerk

The Family Study-room

If you’re an ambitious and tight knit family, then this one is for you. A family that works together, stays together. Ensure that the space comes with its own lounge, large tables for group discussions, playful accessories for the kids, and, of course, a well stocked library. This studyroom design by Note D2 can also double up as a lively living room, for best optimisation of space.

Note D 2

Note D

Project by Note D

The Home studio

If you’re an artist, architect, or sculptor, pamper yourself with your own spacious and well lit home studio.


Project by Between Spaces

Old World Glamour

Or you could just go ahead and get a customized and regal studyroom, straight out of the movies. Work and conduct work meetings amidst old world Hollywood glamour.

Shruti SOdhi INterior designs

Picture Credits: Shruti Sodhi Designs

Project by Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

Abundant Desk

Be generous with that desk space, so that you don’t need to get up and go to the next room everytime you need to print something, or find a book.


Project by DesignQube

Work in Comfort

And just who said you need to be uncomfortable when you work. If you spend hours sitting in discomfort in your office, treat yourself to a massage while working at home.

Space d

Project by Space D

Bulletin Boost

It’s always a good idea to keep an elaborate bulletin board at hand, to create storyboards, and to spread out your ideas.


Project by PS Design

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