A Chat With Shweta Deshmukh

Every once in a while, we see a project that stands out. And a personality to back it.

In our quest to uncover the most inspiring contemporary artists out there, we speak to Shweta Deshmukh, designer of spaces like Zoomstart (Mumbai), Just Bingg’e, and many other curious little projects.


Let’s start with a short intro about yourself.

My creative inclination towards art got me into architecture. My mom and uncle were always good at art, and that inspired me to look up to this as a career. I was born and brought up in Nagpur, and I’ve been working in Pune and Mumbai since the last 16 years. I would say I’m a spiritual person but I’m not religious at all. My life was totally transformed after Isha Yoga. I believe that if you devote yourself to any work that you do, the grace works for you; I live on that belief. I love what I do! When I take up some project it stays on my mind 24×7.



Moving on to your firm, tell me about the kind of projects you normally get.

After working for few architectural firms and companies, I established Shweta Deshmukh & Associates in 2010. I had been working as a freelancer on many projects till then. SDA mostly do Weekend Home projects. We’ve built projects like Bhimashankar Hills, La-Ira, Astral Village, Sibermond Residences, 4 screen multiplex & mall at Pondicherry, also various farm houses, Bungalows, Villa projects including one 5000 sq ft.  green house at Pondicherry. Along with architecture, SDA also takes up lots of residential and commercial interior projects. Having worked on pre-engineered construction system at Sterling as a Senior architect, I also design villas in this system. SDA use green practises in various ways in every project possible.

What would you say are your main inspirations?

Nature!!! I am totally nature loving person. I love to flow with the flow. No boundaries just purity and elegance at its best!

I notice that you often use walls as your centrepiece. What is the inspiration behind that?

“The Space within becomes the reality of the building”

This space is in confined by walls. Walls are a very important element to define any space. I always give priority to walls as a design element. If my walls are elegant the space within will also reflects it!  No matter what furniture or material it contains. There are endless ways to use a wall.


Tell me more about Zoomstart, it really caught my attention.

Zoomstart India is a co-working space for start-ups and emerging entrepreneurs in Navi Mumbai, India. An old vacant 4000sft Bungalow was transformed into a vivacious workspace. It’s situated on a picturesque hill at Navi Mumbai. It needed to create a niche following among its contemporaries. This compelled me to conceptualize a Bohemian theme infusing some Indian design elements. The few aspects that were constantly on my mind while executing this project are


  • Space optimization
  • Use of energy efficient material
  • Use of recycled and reclaimed material
  • Energy efficient lighting


Zoomstart is a unique space offering a soothing and vibrant aura to work in. It also provides vivid performance areas creating an appropriate environment for artists & art lovers.

What upcoming projects are you working on.

Apart from residential interiors, I am currently working on an office project at Tilak Nagar. A project involving weekend homes of 6.5 acres and 22 acres is also on hand at Panvel & Pali respectively.

If you were to describe your style in one word.

Every project is different and demands different style. Style is a subjective matter. How can I make my style as anybody’s style? I try to address functionality and the taste of the user. Accordingly I decide on a concept for the project. All my projects are quite different from one other.


The quirky set-up at Just Bingg’e

By Faustina Johnson

A nomad at heart, Faustina lives many lives through the spaces that she visits, and finds a temporary home in. Whether it’s the pages of a book or the tourist infested streets of Kodaikanal, or the swanky new Japanese restaurant in Delhi, or the frontlines of the queer movement, she finds compulsive pleasure in writing about what inspires her everyday.

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