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AVA Design Studio creates a very energetic and vibrant design for a Bengaluru based office that creatively binds the secluded spaces both physically and ideologically.014tiff

The Epsilon office in Bengaluru stands out for its vibrant design and connectivity of spaces which gives it a very distinctlook as compared to any other corporate office. Spread over three floorsina total area of approx.1,20,000 sq.ft, this unique office has been designed by the team of AVA Design Studio including Principal Architect Vistasp Bhagwagar, Adolf Alexander andStephen Raj. As a global leader in data driven marketing, the client wanted a workspace that supports innovation, collaboration, productivity and which doesn’t draw any references from Epsilon offices located in different parts of the globe. Keeping in mind the client’s brief, the talented team of designers zeroed down the theme of ‘Vibrant Connectivity’ for the office.

Design Concept

The team led by Vistasp have taken conscious efforts to stitch the floor plate of the office which was separated from the spine. The floor plans for this three level office are long and linear rectangular spaces with two wings being separated by the building cores and vertical circulation.  In order to unite these two wings, the designers have created a circular feature which binds the two wings and all the essential collaborations and meeting spaces, such as reception, meeting rooms and break out spaces within the central core, which is the key element of the floor space design.

With regards to the colour scheme, the designers have used very sober and subdued earthy colour along with punches of accent colours. The three floors were assigned vibrant colour accents- red, green and yellow which give a punch and sense of focus to key elements like doors and pendant lamps. The flooring has earthy colours in a combination of hard vitrified and soft carpet tile.


The ceilings have a exposed capsule shaped HVAC ducts to achieve greater heights of a grid ceiling with soft fibre board Hera design acoustic tile for better acoustics. The earthy tone of the fibre board ceiling together with the radiating pendant lamps atop desks and break out areas, make for an unusual ceiling treatment. The walls are treated mostly with graphics that are different for all floors and thus make each floor have its own thematic flavour.

Design Highlights


The non-traditional conference room

The overall design of the office is highly influenced by vibrant colour theme, open collaborative spaces, panoramic graphics, natural planters and mood lighting.  The visually appealing reception area greets the visitor with three welcoming arches that contain the reception table with break out and waiting spaces set amidst lush greenery on both the sides. A small garden like set up has been created for the waiting lounge which has been aesthetically designed with bright yellow couch, green planters, suspended bamboo features and cove lighting which gives this space a soothing and rustic feel.

The circular feature created by the designers’ binds the two secluded wings and houses all the essential collaborations and meeting spaces, such as reception, meeting rooms and break out spaces. The flow of the entire workspace radiates around this circular feature. The semi-circular tables have been placed in between the radiating arms that can be wheeled and adjusted in an ‘activity based’ work space manner.

A tunneled break out zone that connects the two wings of the work hall was created to give a surreal feel to the space.Besides, the connecting bridge area or the coffee zone was created on each floor in order to connect the wings with the other. This is the most popular space among the employees and it has a long help yourself service counter along with a scribble surface on a looped seating at different levels.


The Collaborative Booth, for quick stand up meetings

The Directors room has been strategically located to have a wonderful bird’s eye view of the Hebbal Lake, in front of the building. The shape of the room is elliptical and with the walls also having a curved section makes this space look like a pumpkin. The Director’s room has four spaces within- private work desk, visitor meeting table, lounging area and interactive white board/ plasma screen.


The Director’s Room

A major feature inserted in the design is the collaborative booth seating on all the four corners of the floor plate, allowing and promoting a work culture that embraces collaboration and interaction. The meetings rooms are smartly wrapped in meaningful graphics which adds to the visual appeal of the space. Each of the conference rooms across the three floors has its own quirky, traditional and contemporary decor.The training room with the curvilinear fins are designed to feel and learn in a stimulating environment.

In short, the designers have successfully created a vibrant workspace which encourages open communication, collaboration and transparency.



The Waiting Lounge


Project Name:Epsilon India

Location: Bengaluru

Design Team:Ar. Vistasp Bhagwagar, Adolf Alexander and Stephen Raj

Budget : Rs 35 crore
Completion: January 2016



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