Top 11 Inspiring Indian Decor Instagrammers To Fol...

Top 11 Inspiring Indian Decor Instagrammers To Follow

It’s a good time to be a design junkie. With so much alluring content on the internet, you can simply get a quick fix of design photos in just a few clicks. Now, with the vast amount of material out there, you might not always find what you’re looking for. We decided to scour the internet to narrow it down for you. The interior addict in you knows that the space you live in is a big deal. Even if its somewhere you only halt at for a couple of days on a clear, crisp vacation. Featuring anything from design pictures of the good travel life, to comfy homes, to easy-peasy DIY tips, find the most inspiring Indian decor Instagram accounts to follow.  

1. designdecoranddisha

Artist Disha is the ultimate design junkie. She fills her lush instagram account with the most artfully clicked glimpses into the most inspiring spaces she’s visited. She is fabulous at catching intricate traditional desi patterns and tones.

disha design

Follow her on instagram here.


Pineapple homes is the brainchild of design enthusiast Tanvi Mukherjee. Lovingly curated, the page features anything from everyday decor inspiration to the trendiest products in the market.


Follow her here.

3. @anindiansummer

Bhavya Bhatnagar’s instagram is an ingeniously laid out collage of the spaces she lives in, and visits, in her travels. Her lens perfectly captures fleeting moments and impressions through her intimate connection with the design that she sees everywhere around her.

An Indian Summer

Follow her on instagram here.

4. @thekeybunch

Decor consultant Sharon D’souza’s instagram account is a perfect witness to her love for detail. Inspired by the everyday, her clicks showcase her DIY love and feature easy tips to brighten up your day through innovative decor ideas.

The Key Bunch

Follow her here.

5. @hemalpaliwal

Watch the intersection of art and interior design with Hemal Paliwal’s unique instagram feed. A self proclaimed decor obsessive, Hemal brings together a unique palette with her love for Indian and African design, and her travels.

hemal paliwal

Follow her here.

6. @chuzailiving

Narrated from the perspective of a Japanese expat living in Bombay, chuzailiving is one gem of an insight into Indian design. Instagrammer Kaho manages to find delicate hues, and refreshing perspectives on India, and the many other countries she’s constantly hopping through.


Follow Kaho on instagram here.

7. @theeastcoastdesi

Entrepreneur and multi-tasker Sruti Singh has always had a flair for interior design, and shows you how to do it just right in her inspiring and beautiful instagram account.   

the east coast desi

Follow her here. 

8. @ropeddesign

Ropeddesign is the personal project of interior design firm Roped Design. Follow their diverse instagram feed for insightful updates on projects taking shape, and design tips straight from two expert decorators.


Follow them on instagram.

9.  @weespaces_clicks

This is the instagram account of interior design firm Weespaces, based out of Bangalore. Owner and ideator Vinithra Amarnathan posts design snippets from around the world, along with clicks of her everyday inspirations.


Follow Weespaces on instagram.

10. @shalinipereira

Gurgaon based interior designer Shalini Pereira’s instagram account is an exclusive behind-the-scenes perspective of a designer’s life. Armed with the passion of someone who earns by doing what she loves best, Shalini offers astute angles and never before seen perspectives into the process of building, design, and transformation.

shalini pereira

Follow her here.

11. @thekotri

This is the digital design diary of luxury interior stylist Devyani Kumari. Featuring the most sumptuous layouts, hand designed products and gorgeous project updates, this instagram account is sure to give your that quick fix.


Follow her on instagram.

By Faustina Johnson

Faustina Johnson
A nomad at heart, Faustina lives many lives through the spaces that she visits, and finds a temporary home in. Whether it’s the pages of a book or the tourist infested streets of Kodaikanal, or the swanky new Japanese restaurant in Delhi, or the frontlines of the queer movement, she finds compulsive pleasure in writing about what inspires her everyday.

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