Love Decors: 11 Simple and Easy DIY Valentine̵...

Love Decors: 11 Simple and Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas

This Valentine’s, authentic is the way to go. If you, like me, prefer to affirm your love for a special someone with an intimate, magical time in the privacy of your home, you want to make sure that the ambience is just right. With these simple and easy DIY tips for an amorous decor, you’ll never have to find yourself spending a fortune over a restless public date in an overpriced cafe again. Trust me.

1. The tree of love

Take a quick walk, and collect a number of sturdy twigs. A fallen branch would also do very well. Dust, clean and place the twigs in a pretty vase. If your branch is sturdy enough to support itself, simply let it stand in a conspicuous corner. Cut out hearts in white, pink and red paper. Now stick them on the twigs using double sided tape. If you want a classy and mess-free look, you could even thread your hearts with red-string and tie them to the twigs/ branch.

2. Chocolate Lover

Nothing quite describes the intoxicating feeling of being in love like chocolate. Pick a warm, cute corner in your house. Somewhere in your living room or bedroom would work equally well. Using a table or shelf, arrange an eye-catching display of an assortment of chocolates. You could even use fairy lights, and other accessories, for the perfect centre piece.


3.  Candle Games

Candles and diffused light add an instant touch of romance to any space. There’s no such thing as too many candles, so be generous and go all out on it (do look out for potential fire hazards, though!). You can even up your candle game by picking red candles, or placing them in glass jars surrounded with red string or lace. 


4. Lit in Love

Use an age-old hack to have the most lit Valentine date ever. Fill up your old glass bottles with fairy lights for the perfect soft glow.


5. An assembly of surprises

If your partner loves gifts so much, scatter mini surprises all over your house for them to find. If you’re that nerdy couple that is always challenging each other with a riddle, you could go all the way and do a cute little treasure hunt. Perfect for a super-personalized date with lots of references to good times spent together.


6. Bottles of love

Bottles are perhaps the most common artifacts lying around the house, quite unnoticed. You can now spin magic out of this mundane piece of everyday life, and make them display worthy.


Click here to find out how.

7. Rose Erotica

Now you definitely want to make sure your home smells like Valentine’s for the perfect ambience. Strategically scatter rose petals on corners and counters, and around candles. Red and white roses are would make a passionate combination for this decor.


8. Jar of hearts

Fill glass jars and containers with a random assortment of confetti and heart shaped objects. Scatter them around the house for an inviting yet laidback ambience.


9. Lacy, Racy Love

Cover tea-light holders and other containers with lace. Light fixtures can be given a romantic lift with lace detailing.

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10. Hang on to your love

Make your own shower of hearts for a magical effect. All you need is some pretty string, and paper. Cut out your hearts, place many of them on each string, and hang it up in your favorite corner. Hang them near light fixtures, or a window (if you’ve planned a day-date) for the best results. If you happen to have ornate chandeliers in your house, simply hang them into its many layers!


  1. A String of Love Letters

Who doesn’t like the old-world magic of a personal love letter in their beloved’s handwriting? Write your partner about your deep affection and devotion, break them down into snippets, and hang them up on a string.


Find out how to execute the look here.

The best part is that these ideas take less than half an hour to bring a magical ambiance into your house.

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