Top Indie Decor Brands With Dope Instagram Feeds

Top Indie Decor Brands With Dope Instagram Feeds

It is 2017, and we are all children of the internet. Tell me you found the most amazing stationery brand, and I will first look it up online, before I believe you. The internet not only helps us stay updated, intelligent folk who are in the loop about just about anything in the world, but gives us immeasurable satisfaction in making the right, well-informed choices. This is why I thought I should share my list of top independent decor brands in the country, brands I love for their gorgeous and individualistic artisanship that is reflected clearly in their well-curated instagram feeds. Who doesn’t love a piece of lovingly rendered customized design in their home? Keeping with the free and egalitarian ethos of the internet, what is knowledge that is not shared? Here are our top art decor brand picks, in no particular order. Check them out, and you decide if these brands are worth their salt.

No-Mad 97% India.

What can I say, just love love luuurve these no-mads. Insane pattern plays, and such a gorgeous instagram feed. Run by designer duo Anuj Kothari and Valerie Barkowski, the lifestyle brand’s home textiles collection positively pops out for its bold colours and gallant geometrical patterns. The Instagram handle blows you away with their artful take on everyday objects, and exclusive behind the scenes peeks that increases the value of their products.

no mad

no mad2

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serendipitydelhi1Serendipity Delhi

Mughal meets Morocco via Mexico. If that tagline didn’t catch your attention, the brand’s eye-catching instagram handle will have you obsessing over them. Kuldeep Kaur’s lifestyle brand is travel inspired, with a spot-on knack for capturing those vintage vibes. Followed by the likes of Conde Nast Traveller and Lonely Planet, the store is every bit as gorgeous as its instagram handle, located in a rooftop cafe with scenic views over historic Mehrauli.

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Limon Design


Limon design is the brainchild of adroit Aradhana Anand. The eclectic collection of chairs incorporates her love for transforming the mundane into the magical- pop goes the ordinary, and each chair is stuffed with mood lifting colours and patterns. Being on her instagram feed is every bit as inspiring as being on her chairs.


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Little MissMakes

Little MissMakes is probably the most distinctive independent lifestyle brand you’ll come across. The aesthetic is somewhere between vintage, Victorian, and Lolita. The brand hand crafts custom pieces to order. You can get a range of articles, anything from phones to watering cans to candle stands to mirror frames, all done up in playful pastels with pretty flowery patterns, to inject some romance into the mundane.  Never heard of anything like it? Go on then, see for yourself if you don’t believe me.



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Meraki by Prachi


Prachi makes quirky cushion and pillow covers. From cheeky slogans, feel good messages, and cute art, Prachi can drape your cushions with just about anything you feel like. The best part? They’re made to order, so you can request a special something for that super-personalised bed decor, that can be truly yours.


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When art director Sarah Fotheringham and Maninder Singh met by chance, something incredibly beautiful was just bound to happen. Safomasi is the love child of this union of artistic minds. Inspired by their travelling lifestyle, their exploration of the exotic, and their mutual love for the beautiful, Safomasi churns out breathtaking home textiles that feature contemporary interpretations of impressions from the couple’s travel. Follow them on instagram to find curated captures of their amazing patterns, alongside inspiring peeks of life in the exotic reaches of the planet.



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The Ulta Hathi

Cute brand name, cuter designs, playful elegance, custom made to order, dizzying variety of happy decor articles, gives your house some quirky, quirky, character. I rest my case.

ultahathi1 ultahathi2

Find them on instagram.



If you’re not already obsessed with their unique, mood lifting products, it’s about time you properly explored this super fun slice of the decor world. Their dope instagram handle is a great place to start, with updates on products, production process, and inspiration boards. If you’re the kind who is into ecstatic explosions of color (I am!) follow, stalk, and add some chumbak to your house.


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The Wishing Chair 

With the tagline “Whimsy, Happiness and Femininity”, The Wishing Chair offers you dreamy dreamy decor ideas. Astral cutlery, pastel perfect bedding, and uber-inspired DIY designs transport you. Their even dreamier instagram shows you how pink and pretty life can truly be. Follow them on instagram here.

The wishing chair The wishing chair2

By Faustina Johnson

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