Our Top Mexican Border Wall Designs For Trump

Our Top Mexican Border Wall Designs For Trump

Looks like US President Trump is going right ahead with his plans for a ‘great, great wall’ between Mexico and the US (hey, here’s a head of state who does what he promised to do). The man is so enthusiastic that he tweeted about planning for the wall just one week after the election results (national security, top priority, please). Last week, the US Department of Homeland Security put up a notice addressing an open call for design and construction of the border wall which will be opened on 6th March, 2017. The interested parties, however, will then have a 5 day margin, to submit proposals to the project, that will close on 10th March, 2017.

Now, the criticism against the wall doesn’t come just from the sensible common man who rejects anything so vulgar and regressive as a physical, culturally insensitive barrier between modern-day nations, but also from weighing the practical costs of the project. CNBC’s Kate Drew estimated a $15-$25 billion dollar bill for the wall, putting additional maintenance and hiring (21,000) border patrol agents at around $2.1 billion per year.  

Architects and designers have already gone online with their designs and proposed plans for the wall. A large number of these are, of course, sarcastic and hysterical responses. We look at three of our favorite proposals.

The Hot Pink Border

A personal favorite is the hot pink wall, suggested by  Mexican architects from Estudio 3.14. Responding to Trump’s ‘gorgeous perversity’, the proposed 1,945-mile long wall was dubbed the ‘Prison wall’, clarifying the architects’ skepticism about the feasibility of even trying to build such a wall. The digital renderings comically parade a bright block pink structure that cuts through cities, shops, mountains, and rivers.




The View Area of the Hot Pink Wall, featuring views into Mexico for the Americans.

Ikea’s Do-It-Yourself Border

German parody news website The Postillon came up with the perfect solution for Trump’s budget problems- an IKEA border wall. The article titled “Börder Wåll”: IKEA offers Trump an affordable solution”, describes a sleek and efficient border wall featuring, The best part- pick it up in a van, and put it all together back at home. All it needs, as the instructions go, are two people to assemble it- one holding up the wall, while the other screws it together.

Picture credits: The Postillon

Picture credits: The Postillon

The mock IKEA border wall costs only $9 billion- Trump’s well publicized offhand estimate for his border wall. The article finishes with news of further border-wall compatible products that IKEA has lined up, “IKEA has already announced that it will design other products in the next few weeks that will be compatible with “Börder Wåll”. According to inside sources, this includes products such as the “Gåwk” watchtower and the “Råtåtåtåtåtå” spring-gun.”With everyone unsure as to how the border wall is going to be funded, this seems like the perfect way out!

The Sustainable ‘Positive’ Border

Domo Architecture+ Design has taken this whole thing seriously enough to come up with a wall made of recycled ship containers. The firm has envisioned a Sustainable Natural Border that would even be topped with flowers, almost in contrast to Trump’s grotesque plan. It is, the firm declares, ‘a more balanced and positive approach’, which will leave the views from the two sides unimpeded by slipping the containers 25 feet below ground, with the land gently sloping down to it. This positive and sustainable proposal echoes the sentiments of many on both sides of the border, that “there are other ways to build a border that is friendly and open instead of building a concrete wall.”


Unimpeded Views



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