Quirkiest Furniture Brands To Shop From

Quirkiest Furniture Brands To Shop From

Authenticity, it seems, is fighting a losing battle. Modernity has all but normalised machine-finished beauty. Details are handed over to mechanised processes, which mindlessly repeat, repeat, repeat.

Now, we refuse to be drowned in repetition, and we refuse to numbly fill our homes with cliched furniture that turns our homes into generic houses. And we refuse to compromise on the whimsical- generic furniture breeds listless living. These are our favorite go-to brands in our quest for meaningful, mindful, fun and involved living.

Rubberband Products

Rubberband has extended its stationery line, and crossed over into the world of furniture and home decor. We can’t be more excited, because, one look at their art print stools, their bold geometric chairs, and innovative accessories, and you know what your home is missing.

rubberband4 rubberband3 rubberband2

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Art or furniture? Both, of course. Hop on to Artisera for a curated gallery of art, and decor to choose from. From M F Hussain, to the freshest upcoming talent in art and design (and yes, this includes unmatched rural heritage craftsman)- always a good sign, that they’re keeping up. What better place, then, to scout for charming, artistic pieces for your home?



Liquor Cabinet with Bone Inlay

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Square Barrel

A personal favorite, Square Barrel is your destination for light hearted, fun furniture. Wait, what does that even mean, right? Seriously, though. We’re not kidding. Fun, happy furniture, for a chilled out daily existence.


The Elm Leaf Table



The Phonebooth Bookshelf


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Unfactory is a cluster of self-professed indie-lovers- they reject all things stereotypical, detached, and factory made, preferring hand-crafted products made with skillful artisanship, and a lot of love. For all things ‘un-factory’, stop by this store, to find surprises hidden in details, and a whole lot of ideas about living mindfully.

unfactory1 unfactory2

Explore more from this brand here


Quite self-explanatory. Before you go around dismissing them for being so obvious, though, take a quick peek into their catalogue. If perfection can be created in translating traditional crafts into modern design, this is about as close as you can get to it. You’ll be uncontrollably enchanted. That’s a promise.

FRN-TB102 indecrafts4 indecrafts5

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Founded by sister duo Sayali and Manasi Agaskar, Vilaasita is the perfect bridge between exclusive, artisan crafted furniture, and an affordable price tag. Very importantly, Vilaasita is the embodied rejection of run-of-the-mill mechanically produced furniture, the kind that puts skilled artisans in the informal sector out of a livelihood. This socially conscious brand strives to keep alive the heritage of Indian handicrafts by encouraging use of best quality raw material and traditional crafting techniques to create contemporary designs.

vilaasita4 vilaasita5 vilaasita3

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Arpan Patel

Arpan Patel is a Jaipur- based sculptor with a highly whimsical aesthetic. One of the most versatile contemporary designers out there, Patel makes one-of-a-kind products, inspired by Indian culture and ways of living. To give you some idea of his unique sensibilities, the traditional Indian wedding serves as the inspirational motif for one of his furniture series.

A piece from the wedding inspired collection

Pieces from the wedding inspired collection

tea stories 2 teastories1

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The Calcutta Restoration Co.

Nostalgic, nostalgic vintage. This restoration studio brings back beautiful, classic furniture back to life, to sit comfortably in our modern present. Classy colonial-style designs are resurrected with the utmost care for that authentic vintage that is so elusive.

calcuttarestoration calcuttarestoration3 calcuttarestoration2

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Urban Ladder

Urban Ladder has something for everyone, and products for just about every need. The impeccable finishing on their products is what makes them highly recommendable. Besides, you could find anything from a heavy, over the top day-bed, to a compact, minimalist chair.

urbanladder1  urbanladder3

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