Essentials For an Eclectic Bedroom Decor

Essentials For an Eclectic Bedroom Decor

At this point in your life, you might be winging that 9-6 job, leaving you with little time to do anything else, but you know that the bohemian wild child in you can’t be locked up. One foolproof way to stay inspired and stay you is to get the ambience right in your home. Your house should be a place that you want to go to, at the end of the day, your bedroom a place where you are truly you.

This is why that chaotic eclectic decor is perfect for you. The eclectic style helps you own both your suited, booted, adulting self, and the free-spirit that still guides you no matter what. Now, we understand if the true boho in you just can’t stand a mall, even if you had the time to do the shopping. So here is our list of exciting essentials for that inspired, whimsical decor, all picked from stores online. The best part? A lot of these brands are owned by independent makers, so buying them will mean you’re supporting a cool artist who has managed to make a livelihood doing what they love best.

Let’s Get Arty

Now, first things first. An eclectic, fun decor is all about self expression. You’re the type who is bold and unapologetic about your tastes- it’s what what makes you unique, after all.  So dust up those old prints, souvenirs, curios, everything that you’ve gathered over the course of your unique life, and display them recklessly, anywhere and everywhere. Now, if you’ve been very caught up living the life you wanted, rather than documenting it, or spending ages finding what you relate to, it’s never too late to find art that speaks to you, since it’s always nice to be surrounded by inspirational things. Personally, it keeps me grounded, and reminds me of who I really am. Hop right over to, pick your favorite artwork, and don’t be afraid to make that statement. PosterGully has something for everyone, right from prints, to coasters, to mugs, etched with your favorite designs.



Shop PosterGully here

Redefine the Familiar

Use a saree as a curtain, use a picture frame as a tray, use a steel tumbler as a bangle stand. Eclectic is all about being innovative and seeing things from your perspective. Re-purposing articles transforms the familiar into something less boring.  Do a comfortable multi-purpose futon, instead of a boring old bed. With this fluffy, cushiony piece from Urban Ladder, you will now have more floor space, not to mention the perfect cuddling spot, or reading station.


Check out Urban Ladder’s full selection of futons here

Pillows, Pillows, Pillows

What makes for a cosy bedroom? Lots of pillows, of course. The pillow infested, casually inviting look is also a staple with bohemian decors (a wilder cousin of the eclectic, I would say). Cushions, throw pillows, and desi-style bolsters, be generous with this stuff. Here are some of our favorite picks.

The pastel round cushion from Sussanne Khan’s The Label Life.

sussane khan

Hand woven cushion covers from Safomasi



And while we’re at it, this unconventional, yet classy duvet design from the one and only Sussanne Khan.


Hand-Painted Furniture

Now that we’ve sorted out the most important part of the bedroom, the bed, let’s shift our focus to the furniture. When the rest of your room reflects you, it makes sense to choose furniture which tells a story. Raiding your parents’ house for meaningful pieces is a great idea, but if they can’t spare much, you can easily find those exclusive pieces on your own.

Personally, we love the hand-painted furniture from Indian Antique.

india antique

Shop this brand here

Mirror Mirror

Mirrors are a versatile decor element- they can look right at home anywhere, be it edgy geometrical mirrors in an exclusive art gallery, or Moroccan style mirrors in a bohemian shack. Besides, mirrors offer the capacity for self-reflection, a profound and essential part of human life. A huge plus point is that they also manage to open up a space. They make for interesting light play, and are also a refreshing break from the traditional frames filled with art. Mirrors are the perfect signature of your fearlessness, and your unshakable awareness of your own unique-ness.

Sylvin has the most gorgeous collection of them, right from rustic to vivid frames.  

Sylvan 1

Shop Sylvin here

Celebrate Your Roots
Get in touch with your roots by adding beautiful desi motifs to your decor. We’re currently hooked to Ekdori’s scintillating designs. 




Shop this brand here

Let There Be (Eclectic) Light

Up your lamp game, girl. No self respecting, individualistic person can settle for boring tubelights. Lamps are portable, which means that you don’t have to be stuck with one type all the time, being the vivacious person you are. Second, not only are they useful lighting, but also very ornamentative. Perfect for the eclectic who can use anything, even jewelry as a decor element.

Now the best lamps (according to us) are to be found at The Postbox. They’re all handmade, and affordable.


Shop The Postbox here

An Open Minded Room

Your room needs to reflect some of your open-mindedness. The best thing about the eclectic decor style is that it lets you add on to your room, through the years. As a bold, eclectic personality who does not shy away from the whimsical and the beautiful, you’re sure to gather all kinds of articles. Feel free to add them to your personalised eclectic bedroom. Currently, we’re coveting these hip city themes coaters from The Postbox.


Shop The PostBox here

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