24 Year Old Alia Bhatt Gets Her Own Charming Home

24 Year Old Alia Bhatt Gets Her Own Charming Home

What all is it possible to achieve by the time one is 23 years old? Acquiring your dream house is very much in the list now, as actress Alia Bhatt proves. The actress bought her cosy Mumbai house about two and half years ago, back when the number of zeroes on her paycheck was just starting to multiply (shrewd little investment there at 21, respect). Choosing this one over two other potential options was a pretty simple choice for the confident Ms. Bhatt- this one was closest to her family. A whiff of the self contained, self assuredness that makes this particular youngster contagiously vivacious, not to mention incredibly productive.

Now, what does a 24 year old  (Alia turned 24 earlier this month) celebrity’s home look like? Not so glitzy, as it turns out. Alia was certain that an earthy,cozy home that ‘feels old’ is her thing.  We’re not surprised, who wants to be reminded of the demands and uber-publicness of fame even at home? She turned to Richa Bahl, designer, and wife of Vikas Bahl, whom Alia had worked with on Shaandaar. “I just liked her vibe, to be very honest. I saw the Phantom Films office, which she had done, and I really liked that”, she told Architectural Digest.

phantom films office

The Phantom Films Office that Bahl designed.

And so, she knew to trust her designer when she gave her a casual and open brief. “Not too modern”, “New York loft”, nothing “overtly glamorous”, to give her a break from showbiz. Accordingly, Bahl put down comfy furniture and sensible accessories, amidst a subdued palette. The living room is elegant yet cosy. The retro-style kitchen looks similarly inviting, with its minty tones. The house, which Alia is sharing with sibling Shaheen, has three bedrooms, and comes with a dressing area and spaces for Alia wardrobe and shoes. The fitting room, where it can get quite crowded and hectic when the crew is in, is separated from the living room and the rest of the house by a lobby, to give Shaheen her own peaceful living space.

Bahl got down to the specific needs of two young girls starting to live on their own, and kept her design fresh and open minded, the girls can add and subtract, and transform the place as they grow up. There is a comfortable reading corner and a thinking corner. Oh, and a tea bar. Alia and the sibling are tea fanatics, it seems. “Just obsessed.”

It all took a while. The house, when Bhatt handed it over to Bahl, had termites, broken piping, and the designer spent about a year and a half putting it all together. Alia’s mother was consulted, the two women even had a few affectionate laughs imagining the young little things slugging it out on their own. Well, at least the girls have the right kind of start with this charming home.

Find Richa Bahl on iDecorama here

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