Where to Find the Best Lamps Online

Where to Find the Best Lamps Online

Finding the right balance between artificial and natural lighting is difficult. Lamps occupy a subliminal place in this balance, they are neither the equivalent of the life giving sun, nor are they anything like the grating harsh glare of a tubelight or bulb. Lamps help you channel soulful ambiance and mood, and the possibilities of light color and texture they enable go a long way in creating the best reading spots, bedroom climate, and magical go-to spots in your home. Here is a list of brands that have been handpicked for the gorgeous lamps they feature.


Craftter has the absolute last word on lamps, period. Hop on to their user friendly website to find an exhaustive collection of floor lamps, table lamps, hanging lamps, and just about any other type or shade of lamp that you can think of. A collective that promises to give you the ‘real’ handicraft experience, all their products (which include many other decor accessories) are hand wrought. They also deliver their meticulously assembled collection worldwide (think gift ideas for those friends that have long moved on to exotic and lucrative locations around the world).

crafter 3

crafter 4

crafter 5


Another diamond mine of a store, Handikart features ALL possible shapes of lamps made with all kinds of materials, like stone, wood, lac, fabric and terracotta. The terracotta lamps are our personal favorites, and are feature familiar desi motifs and patterns in gorgeous colours. The whole store is dedicated to reviving and keeping alive heritage art and crafts. What could be a better place to shop for a pretty addition to your home?

hadnikart 1

hadnikart 3

The is one of those stores that has indie lovers return over and over to compulsively pick up thoughtfully designed trinkets. Take one look at this ‘Dabbawala’ Lamp on their catalogue. I rest my case.



Origami paper lanterns at Rs. 500 each. Case closed.
brownfolds 1

brownfolds 3


Vilaasita brings together traditional craft and contemporary design in each of its mindfully produced products. Like with many other brands featured on this page, consider yourself an ally of the crucial mission to conserve heritage crafts.



As the name suggests, Coppre is committed to metalwork, the history of the craft in the country, the current (dismal) situation of skilled manual metalwork, the beauty and the functional potential of metal….the whole picture. You will find copper lamps that are beautiful in their simplicity, with the full textural impact of hand crafted copper intact.

coppre 2


A dedicated market for charming, decor related articles, Exclusivelane has an equally dedicated collection of lamps in every colour, shape, and design that you can or cannot imagine. Their terracotta lamps are to die for!

Exclusive lane 4

Exclusive lane 1

Exclusive lane 5


Salebrations is an online market dedicated exclusively to lighting and aroma needs. They have a treasure of kitschy, affordable lamps that can serve as anything from quick, last minute gift ideas to budget makeovers for your bedroom.


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