Ellen Degeneres’ Stunning Santa Barbara Home in Pi...

Ellen Degeneres’ Stunning Santa Barbara Home in Pictures

Ellen DeGeneres has always been an out and proud decor addict, and has bought and renovated about seven luxury homes in the last twenty five years. While each of them is stunning and quite extra-ordinary, Ellen and Portia’s Santa Barbara villa is exceptionally gorgeous, and has even been referred to by Ellen as the couple’s “forever house”, in her book Home, in which she discuss her past and present homes, and the lessons she’s learnt from decorating each of them. We can see why: rustic, modest, and full of character, the 17 acre property as cozy and charming as it is breathtaking. While Ellen and Portia are apparently ready to move on (they just put the place up for sale at $45 million)Inside-Ellen-DeGeneress-Amazing-Santa-Barbara-Villa-1152x759, we’re a little hung up on the estate. Here’s a peek into the Californian stone villa.

The Villa was built in the 30s by architect Wallace Frost, as his own refuge. It was made to evoke 17th century Italian villas, with this stone facade, terracotta surfaces, and exposed interior walls.


The house rises organically from the land, and appears to be ancient, with its symbiotic collaboration with the ample greenery around it.

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The 10,500 sq foot home has six bedrooms, nine fireplaces, eight bathrooms, multiple libraries, and a guest suite.

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The minimalist interiors keep the house cosy while also letting the rustic splendor of the construction itself shine through.


Before it belonged to Ellen and Portia, it was owned by interior designer John Saladino who spent about five years decorating the home. The villa’s fairytale-like aura owes a lot to the designer’s eye for detail.


After they bought it, Ellen and Portia added an indoor-outdoor pavilion called Jordan Hall, featuring luxuries like an infinity pool, and a Japanese soaking tub.


The breakfast room is one of the large number of dining spaces in the house.





Ellen is known to use endemic plant varieties to keep in touch with the local environment.




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